Victor's Quantum Communications Experiment Called "Advice"

Probably the most remarkable thing about this recording is how Victor knows that these things are happening in our lives now, 16 years after his death. He died in 2001 and I did not meet Linda until 2008. He even mentions her name in this one. There are only a few explanations for it. One is, he is an angel now and can visit us at will and his spirit is traveling back and forth in time. This provides evidence of what we have learned from the transcripts about the soul and what it is capable of after death. However, even that is hard to explain because it is unimaginable how he can affect his recordings 16 years after the fact. His recordings provide evidence beyond a doubt that he is consistently proving he knows what happens in our future. I have often felt that even though the recordings have not changed, he is able to change history by seeing what is happening in our lives now and going back to his past to report it in his recordings. So, in effect, the same recording could have several different versions because of it. Much of what he does actually supports quantum mechanics theories that have not been proven yet, especially when it comes to time travel. 

This was the second part of a continuous recording. This is an admonishment to Linda, my wife. Believe me, I probably have mine coming too, for we have both got off path over the years and need some direction just like anyone. There are some things in it that only Linda and I know what he is talking about.

I also broke this one down into 24 parts and started the reverse part first. I will provide the entire recording with this one and the timings will continue from the beginning of it for this one and the last one which I am working on now.

You can download the raw audio file to work on yourself here. It contains one longer recording for 3 experiments. Just follow the timing on the audio file to see where the parts come from.

Here is what he said:

25. Linda this really affects you if it's true. (104 seconds)

First fix a course helping your future.

26. If you feel a sensual wish (106.5 seconds)

your support is suppose to be important.

27. Your obsession has help. (108.5 seconds)

If you want to progress in support

28. you really must help yourself. (110.5 seconds)

Past work was subdued

29. and we had to train Ryan and he must let you know (113 seconds)

if your life picks something to deter it. You can help by

30. advice. Go beyond the objections in self.  (114.5 seconds)

As this rushes by have pride of what you have.

31. It shall be in our memory so be careful. (117.7 seconds)

Effort was up to you when the plan busted.

32. A human will want much freedom. (118.8 seconds)

Many a scandal will mainly

33. lie and see a love of yourself. (120.4 seconds)

Is my dream to hoist him up?

34&35. Is something inside you resisting him?

(Ryan: All we need is to love many enemies)  (123.2 seconds)

I exist, but I guess he's not for this.

36. Promise your message helps you (125 seconds)

bypass his sub machine gun. 

37. Any man who is forgot in life, will be by himself. (128 seconds)

A question to me goes all before my needs.

38. The path we choose shall make you know this. (130.2 seconds)

This is forming images to come.

39. Learn your lesson now and seize hope or your life has no reason. (133.5 seconds)

Much of what I like rushes by passion like you're

40. in suffering. That's enough if you're not doing good. (136.2 seconds)

Don't play with dun to find reason to hear it first from here.

41. If one is loving you're smitten with practicing it. (138.6 seconds)

The music that two do disturbs who knows it all.

42. Without practicing that, you're headed for more suffering. (141.2 seconds)

Care and forge it all today. Time is counting.

43. You see, there's no redemption until his death, when I get mercy. (144 seconds)

(Ryan talks) Best buddie, want some cheese?

44. If I don't change it. So true. (Victor: so true) (145.5 seconds)

Push forward.

45. We'll show there's help with heaven. (147.5 seconds)

For comfort, ask a question.

46. We should accept evil that we see stuck in the sciences. (151.2 seconds)

It's all because they make logistics with a cost in this.

47. Money bankrupts you. (152.5 seconds)

Nice, but can he talk?

48. We must see ourself. Do you not see (156 seconds)

kids starving? Tort is why this is happening.


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