Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Victor the Budgie

About This Spiritual Quantum Recording
Date Transcribed: Dec 31 - Jan 1, 2017 by R.B. Reynolds

Curiously enough, this was the next recording I had on my list. I did not realize that it mentioned New Years until I started the recording. It is also very interesting that Victor described the events that happened on New Year's Eve perfectly. It seems over 15 years ago, he knew that I would be working on this recording on New Years Eve December 31, 2016.  Wait a minute, you may think that I just chose this one because of him mentioning the new year, however, that is not true. Two years ago, our family moved to a condo which is near downtown and only about 200 meters from City Hall. Like in most cities, each new year, they hold a rock concert at the market square. This year the music was much louder than it had been in the past. So Victor described the event quite perfectly.

You may also wonder what he is talking about when he mentioned kids. Linda and I believe he is referring to an acquaintance of ours who's adult children went to the celebration. We knew she was there close to midnight looking for them and was there to pick them up. Perhaps there is more to this story then we know now. But it seems Victor made a connection to her at the time. Victor also knew that we would be entertaining that night too as he mentions playing the video with company. That was true as well. 

So this is another confirmed prophecy that Victor had more than 15 years ago, or even more bizarre, there is significant evidence that demonstrates he is able to travel back and forward in time to change his past recordings at will so they can interact with the future. We know almost everyone is interested in time travel these days and quantum mechanics scientists are forever trying to come up with the equation. So, if you are, here is my proven theory and equation:

Time Travel = Asking God For Help +
A willingness to change +
Understanding Your Dreams and Visions +
Spiritual Evolution + Eternal Love.
In other words  Time Travel = This Religion
and Victor is here to show us how to do it.
Before you listen to the video you may want to read the words below it to get an understanding of what he

is talking about. You can download the raw audio file to work on yourself here. It contains one longer recording for 3 experiments. Just follow the timing on the audio file to see where the individual parts come from.


This is what Victor said:

1.Hear this reverse. If you're sad with your life, come on and see. 7.5
See and I'll talk in the mike with a message. 
2. Yes, we knew you would solve it straight and sure. 11.2
Bless the future that knows the way we're steering.
3. Should I mention that you have seen some of it? 14.3
Victor concedes that I can see your life.
4. Hey, when the facts are surmounting you'll find that I know. 16.8
I have played with company because it's happy new year.
5. I wish the market rock scene was helping you 19.4
when your messages stop. I promise you.
6. Just like my doctrine, prophecy will handle it. 23.2
They will turn the music up. You better find your kids
7. who you're watching  25.7
and get help by you. (coughing)
8. An evil way of life 28
can evict their maker.
9. She sure loves her nephew 29.7
but try and kiss the rashness.
10.You have to do mid night 31.4
and aren't terribly excited.
11.If your life has a bad result, 33
it wants a prophecy to a future.
12. It will exist in what you elected,  34.5
destroying conceals talking.
13. How you will function starts with what's merely inside you. 35.5
For you the spirits are something Ryan's proving right now. 
14 Now your mission is sustained.   40.7
In time, you'll get a reason.
15 & 16. As you evolve you'll seek out this journey. 43.5
To progress why disapprove what you see?
17. They have to see the philosophy, 45.5
for this challenge encourages the times.
18. Yes, what we know is in heaven. 47.6
Today it wasn't only okay? 
19. You have a new religion that's original, 50
All is stellar. I want to tell you about your God. (with your God.)
20. When some will know this life, 52
they're spiritually looking
21. for a mission they haven't received yet. 53.5
That leaves a bad precedence
22. if your life doesn't desert what's seriously evil. 56
The love which is in us can bless the platonic.
23. So help this dream. 57.7 (us dream)
Victor's support is present. 
24. You'll see every dream is spiritually sent 101.5
because in this project our future isn't predestined.

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