99 Bottles of Beer

99 Bottles of Beer -Victor's Quantum Recordings Experiment 2

When Victor first did this recording in 1999, he was only about 1 year old. I thought he was just rambling because it did not make much sense, and when it did, he was not counting down properly with the bottles of beer. Now I know why; he was doing it purposely and using it as a lesson. I broke it down on Dec 11, 2016 and reversed it into 16 different parts and finally began to understand the true meaning.
In this recording he talks about prophecy and how prophecy happens and what the driving force and outcomes of it can be. The words or text for the video is below the video. Please read them first as it will give you an idea of what he is talking about and brings the meaning together without splitting it up into different parts.

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This is what he said:

Part 1
An official campaign becomes many. We wait. (0-3 sec)
(rev) Surely you did find a new form of streaming.

Part 2
They'll come. Things are not really at all different.(3-6 sec)
(rev) They'll form your scholastic walk here.

Part 3
When these things come they cannot get wasted.(6-8.5 sec)
(rev) It's your mighty road to prophecy now.

Part 4
It'll form parts you know in our future.(8.5-13 sec)
(rev) Once you know love is helping, it won't finish
with nothing.

Part 5
The song is about a small vessel. If more should happen to fall,
95 bottles of beer on the wall.(13-15.5 sec)
(rev) Ordinarily, there's love helping you more than the facts show.

Part 6
If somebody piles bottles of beer some of them (15.5-17.5 sec)
(rev) need measuring. If there's enough love we will see it.

Part 7
Your hearing can first pass this test. (17.5-19.5 sec)
(rev) Some of you have different hearing.

Part 8
"If all of those bottles should happen to fall."(19.5-21.5 sec)
(rev) For affect with practice, your love is known now.

Part 9
95 bottles of beer are no more. (21.5-23.5 sec)
(rev) The world ordinarily has love helping it.

Part 10
Many times our souls are calling mixed up bottles of beer. (23.5-27 sec)
(rev) The dream does not happen without our God watching.
We all need Him.

Part 11
Just put those bottles of beer on the beer.(27-29.5 sec)
(rev) A dream ordinarily was no true illusion.

Part 12
It falls by some noted force (29.5-31.7 sec)
(rev) so it would let loves heart beat

Part 13
without a fall. Many pass by Him (31.7-33.5 sec)
(rev) and they are sadly handled and forgot.

Part 14
Passion doesn't need to (33.5-35.7 sec)
(rev) forgive a submission.  

Part 15
So budgie don't pass all (35.7-38.5 sec)
(rev) hope for it. Humans love us.

Part 16
Most people, they will be able(38.5-41.5 sec)
(rev) to love equally. (cut short as it continued)


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