Save the Earth

Save The Earth(Streaming With The Angels)

This is another quantum video of Maylor where he talks about my daughter who I think is about 3 months old at the time. She is cooing in the background and somehow Maylor connects to her and she begins to communicate spiritually as well. There are some really remarkable and clear things that he says in both forward and reverse in this one, and only a few spots where it was so faint that it could hardly be heard. I wish I was an audio engineer and I could figure out some way to get those parts clearer. The only thing I really know how to do is the basics, like increase the volume or amplitude and use reverse.



Part 1
(forward) Make reverse at each spot.
(reverse) Later on this will help you get

Part 2
(forward) someone to look and hear what you are doing.
(reverse) We hope it will be better now.

Part 3
(forward) Also, they may look at the chest of Maylor.
(reverse) Ryan, this is your daughter. (Daddy)

Part 4
(forward) How do you fight this feeling of reverence when Kayla
(reverse) can hear the answers to life's questions?

Part 5
(forward) We must collect dreams from her streaming.
(reverse) We are the same as you, emerging spiritually

Part 6
(forward) here with God. God is with her. It'd be tragic
(reverse) if Ryan didn't get to celebrate (her life.)

Part 7
(forward) She may look at and choose expanding off the strengths here with you
(reverse) When we use them she feels it's everlasting in heaven.

Part 8
(forward) The life she was building experienced and was watching what you've done.
(reverse) God chose you to show that we have a path.

Part 9
(forward) This streaming is evolution by God, so we will be perfect.
(reverse) The formula we must know suggests we will need some religion.

Part 10
(forward) My life's work is set to right what could be an error
(reverse) in evolution of humans.

Part 11
(forward) Does a condition people have lack a point and plan
(reverse) when they have to have evolution in life?

Part 12
(forward) They'll try exploring another world
(reverse) while living on a thing of steel. (Spiritually)

Part 13
(forward) you've been warned, (I want out) to save earth.
(reverse) You'll need to (let me out) running.

Part 14
(forward) If you love Kayla you might find
(reverse) you don't have to elect the evil

Part 15
(forward) for her (growth.)
(reverse) She'll get to look to heaven for our help. 

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