Maylor's - God's Quantum Prophecies

God's Quantum Prophecies- A New Age of Prophecy

This is an incredible quantum recording where Maylor speaks about how this religion is providing proof of God and prophecy. Make sure you listen to this with headphones as it is quite miraculous and poetic as well. Maylor also explains why prophecy is needed in modern times.



Here are the words to this video:

Part 1
(for) Hear this warning. We're not stopping this movement.
(rev) It will strike up concern and you should get ready.

Part 2
(for) Really, it's spiritually urgent to know there is heaven.
(rev) It is certain if you listen to me.

Part 3
(for) I encourage you to believe my work is set.
(rev) I ask for your help if you believe in God and heaven.

Part 4
(for) There are Christians who choose to believe that there's a risk to lack real worth.
(rev) When you know it's no life without a mission, then some try to   

Part 5
(for) help change the world.  
(rev) All life is born

Part 6
(for) quantum and magical. Want to learn something about prophecy? It's going
to happen very soon here.
(rev) Our mission: The world is lacking in prophecy. Spirituality is all around you.

Part 7
(for) And you're now hearing it. If you want the key to prophecy,
(rev) follow prophecy and you'll learn. (The angels shall help you.) In heaven they will know everything good.

Part 8
(for) It will be history. If you're lacking the truth you will succumb
to many lies.
(rev) It will free the light and savour the truth and acknowledge bearers of evil.

Part 9
(for) It will allow passion to be instilled in us that will last for life.
(rev) And it's telling us the song of prophecy is here forever.

Part 10
(for) Miracles came and always come from the quantum work of God. If you choose it,
(rev) this is time for another announcement. God gives proof in this parade.

Part 11
(for) It's kind of exciting marching in a parade many will see.     
(rev) This courage and love can really help you avoid suffering.

Part 12
(for) Yes, for those suffering, we'll speak with God. And with passion promise to God we will make peace and keep conserving life.
(rev) You must be like a jury and show His love is evidence of intervention when He averts suffering.

Part 13
(for) We will watch you forming. We will have timing that's measuring
(rev) the cadence of a new religion. They'll be arriving this summer.

Part 14
(for) Most prophecy has a risk of being right and forging proof.
(rev) When Christians come they will observe their lift of faith.

Part 15
(for) You'll get to claim your own goals when they form.  
(rev) We'll send them straight from heaven

Part 16
(for) so you'll know. Give a prayer for Christians. Those who care and live spiritually
(rev) shall make a schedule for this group and watch the prophecies commence. Ryan will teach these prophecies for life.

Part 17
(for) This is freedom
(rev) for your future.


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