Maylor's - The Talking Star Quantum Recording

Maylor's Biological Quantum Communications Recording called "The Talking Star"

Messages From Heaven

Maylor was a rescued budgie in 2009. He was found in a neighbours yard not to far from mine and she kept him for about a year. She said he didn't talk much and gave him to me because she couldn't keep him. When I brought him home I introduced him to Victor's recordings and within 2 days he was communicating to me, telling me his real name and how he wanted to help with the recordings. Maylor has a sweet voice and can talk much slower than Victor. Some people find him easier to understand.

This is the latest quantum reversion version of Maylor's talking star video. In the last couple of transcriptions I cut them short at the beginning and end where I was coaxing him to talk. Later on when I found out that I was communicating to him in reverse while coaxing him, I decided to redo the video and I am glad I did because I was saying some very interesting things in reverse. 

In addition,  I only did a forward and reverse translation and did not slow it down like the other ones. There are a couple of corrections as well. You can see transcription text of the video below it.

This is what Maylor said:
1. (for) Keep it up Ryan. When people come they'll know that Maylor doesn't play about.
(rev) Carry on as you have this friend. When the people arrive they'll know this. (Yeah, there'll be one at least eh. If they'll listen they won't miss out. You'll see.)

2. (for) When they want to look at your stuff, they'll care I'm speaking.
(rev) You'll be surrounded with ones who get to know. They'll help you.

3. (for) When I'm speaking from a talking star,
(rev) just look up, for if you seek help

4. (for) Maylor gets to deliver change here.
(rev) The change here will help you a little bit. When I arrived

5. (for) I learned to trust the heart of everyone.
(rev) If you do, you are in charge of your life.

6. (for) Now would be a good night to change the road you will take.
(rev) It goes to the left right here. Always think of that.

7. (for) Do you want to believe that God's directing your next trip to an awesome heaven?
(rev) Do you desire what's still in your future? If so, believe Ryan

8. (for) and hope that this road forks while you practice this.
(rev) This is our mission and you know he's my friend.

9. (for) Change course towards heaven, or look forever.
(rev) Forever with God we'll have spirituality.

10. (for) You'll find you won't give it up.
(rev) God will be helping you right here.

11. (for) I'll help you with my knowledge on your next reverse
(rev) recording. They better be right to drive straight

12. (for) through this correlation. They
(rev) will show a line of help.

13. (for) Looking for truth? Hmm? You're about to get it.
(rev) You can evolve like Ryan, and change just how he has.

14. (for) We know Ryan will reach heaven.
(rev) (I will now begin to grow in everything.) What was said shows passion.

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