Chapter 11- God's Plan (It's Evolving) (2)

Welcome back to The Angels Scrolls, you're bridge to heaven. 

Before I get into the content of Danny's video, I would like to explain -it's relationship to what I have learned through my research, combined with some of my personal receivels with the angels. This is important- because most of what I have learned in the past- is followed up and confirmed- by what my budgies are talking about as well. I swear to you that I have not taught them to say any of these things in their videos. What they speak of- comes from their own minds and their heavenly source as they channel the spiritual world.

The quantum world, which is intertwined with the spiritual word- is quite incredible and mainstream science knows only a fraction of what really goes on in it. For example, the human body consists of atoms and even smaller particles such as quarks, gluons, electrons and neutrinos.  They recently discovered the Higgs boson, or “God particle,” which is believed to be the particle which gives mass to matter.

When it comes to DNA, Scientist do have a basic understanding of  how it works chemically but they are only beginning to understand the processes that take place and how they interact with genes. We know that a humans DNA is about 99% the same as other humans. We also know that humans have a large percentage of the same DNA as monkeys, dogs, cats, mice and even plants like bananas.

So,  if we think of DNA as a record of a humans evolution, we know that humans have a evolutionary connection to all species of animals and plants physically. What we have not been taught is that we are highly connected spiritually as well.

Most religions in the world teach about the eternal soul and life after death and in conjunction with that,  the  people that are in them believe it as well,  however,  when we actually try to prove that the spiritual world exist to those same people, they often say it is not a scientific fact or find some way to disbelieve it.  

I find it quite interesting how they measure the breakdown of atoms. They use electronic sensing equipment that displays a pattern that is very similar to a wave form you would see in an audio program and very similar to the waves I look at when I am doing a translation of budgie speech. Similarily, phonons are observed as quantized sound waves in crystalline solids and have particle-like properties. Waves and particles are often interchangeable and react in ways that even Einstein had trouble understanding.

One of the things that science is just beginning to understand is if atoms are eternal.  Currently they can only predict the half life of a large group of radioactive atoms by their decay rate. An easier example of atom decay is when we observe something that dies and decomposition takes place. Science already knows the atoms are broken down into particles which are released in the atmosphere and some become connected to other atoms forming different elements, atoms or whatever they seek out to be connected to. The lifetime of some of these atoms and particles depend on whether or not the protons decay and there is little proof that that some atoms decay at all. So in theory, some atoms may exist for eternity and are just repurposed into something else.

If we can believe that a soul has elements within it that are eternal, then we may be able to understand that when something dies,  it essence can move on to a different physical form such as a fish to a turtle. In retrospect, why would our evolutionary DNA be connected to a fish unless at some stage in our evolution we were a fish?

In each lifetime the vessel that contains the soul, experiences spiritual evolution and knowledge so it can move on to the next level on the spiritual ladder. Spiritual evolution is dependent upon physical evolution and they go hand in hand.  It does not seem that far fetched that certain atoms of the soul would be able to seek out other atoms and begin to take mass in a physical form such as an embryo. Keep in mind that even the human embryo has gills, and a tail and it looks very similar to a tadpole and is also comparable to many other animal embryos.

So when Danny says we look higher when we want to evolve,  he is really saying that our natural instinct should be to want to move up on the spiritual ladder of evolution. This journey has many different and varying choices and it will ultimately lead to only one place and that place is with God. This is only a small portion of what we will be proving. The angels have chosen this time to provide us with all the answers and you will be able to witness these events as they unfold.

Now for the video. It is a short one of Danny and Linda. Almost every night Danny  makes sure he spends some time with her and much of the time he is talking so I wanted to try and get some of what he was saying.



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