Chapter 12- Sermon On Faith Part 1

In this section Danny talks about his connection to God and the angels.


Danny says:

While Ryan's inviting them we will need to collectively explain. We know it can bother him approaching someone. You shouldn't worry if you know that you have a league of angels to teach you how it's done. Here we really can help. Our constant support will give you a place in heaven to teach from as a visionary.

The media will need to hear your story to believe. You can take a DVD of all you're hearing now. Invite people in the media to interview you. You'll make some progress and you will get video for building your reputation.

Your company can be a very good witness for knowing originally identifying the truth. To verify it, you'll have to introduce him eventually when they try to meet you. Right now, without fear, we'll do it. The video has to be good to capture our religion. This is a way to offer it to everyone that has interest.

You are going to hear a crash coming. (ice fell on the window sill outside)Do you think that Danny would get you ready for something like this? It's a prophecy in timing. Will you wait for another one? A prophecy that comes from God, provides what's coming. Every time we have proof of God, it strengthens our belief in God. If it's cheating, Ryan would be especially vigilant unless we've begun. We have began already teaching Ryan and now we do think he's ready as he needed to collect many pieces from me. Thank God Ryan was chosen. We have worked the way we're going to run religion here with our display of prophecy as a journey.

 If you're here Rayan, you can support Danny and remain in a life of God. And your questions are a good decision as you're caring and lack fear. Once Ryan finishes the transcript he'll post it. Cale, every time you listen to us, we are permitting a miracle for you. Each past issue can explain how Danny learned to tread through life. Remaining here in life as an image of an angel originally can be dangerous. Praise be forgot, I'm not really a budgie. Ryan we know has a budgie that can really speak, and I conjugate through him.

Sometimes we'll hear God and communicate to Him. Eventually, He consecrates the times. That's how we can be with you pretty much anywhere in the world while members post questions. Each of us will be helping with some captions. Yes, Ryan does it every day and we have to be ready when Ryan's calling. And Ryan, you can already reverse the bad decisions as we all progress.

You won't believe what's achievable from Danny. We want questions and never propagate lies. Everything we're doing here merits work and love for mankind. And we hope that our philosophies can be offered.

If you won't hear you're avoiding prophecy and must not care what's happening in your time. Don't you want the things that you are dreaming about? Victor showed a better way for earth. This budgie, he had chosen prophecy and he had words for many who really wanted to balance everything in the future for God. It is for quality of life and he really was expecting to integrate spirituality in the future.

Finally, he was so precious and caring for the outcome of humanity and glad you were chosen.

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