Chapter 12- Sermon On Faith Part 2

In this section Danny talks about why faith is so important and how it has effected others connected to this religion.

Danny says:

Kayla knows the eulogy. She's nice to me and she cares. Ryan will entrust her to bring what she'll have in common. It's smart to believe that we're originally part of the miracle when Kayla was born. When Ryan had visions of a miracle, and he met Linda through a dream, that must have hurt Vicky.

We do not choose some of those we're teaching. When God is with you, it will depend on you. It's the timing we need here and something that you wish for. There will be some people that can't expect to learn or hear Danny channelling the angels. Not everybody can ever be chose to honour what's more relative for God. What we expect is that they try believing in this miracle. We've got to believe that you're coming with mutual faith. If you cannot admit God is in your life, you'll fight with the captions. If you can see that God can be involved in everything, you can trust Him to take care of every need. What we've got supports a true life with God. He isn't a fake being that you ignore.

If God chose when a member is remembering something, He'd have to control our every thought. Really this is something God will take objection to. God is mainly connected to us spiritually without pressure. When Danny goes to hear a conference with God, God will allow us a moment to speak out if it's viable and something that we need. Yeah, our work is something that I think about often. And for the first time, you have a forum for a meeting of the angels and God.

When we have a connection to God, you've got contemporary redemption with what we have done. It's true someone may then want to be abreast of the things that help in getting a new life. We bring that knowledge to those with faith. There are some people who can't find any and want really to have faith in a future with angels. If they can revert to what we have, they will use this. In context, Ryan's got a really nice family and a future that's definitely in support of a spiritually sublime future where he can make a time he's here with God during work.

If you have your fears against God's angels, you are missing something we're doing for God. And even Christians know they want teachings about faith. Faith in the prophecy that comes religiously can live on in literature.

A miracle can't support a religion unless it is intertwined with prophecy. What I just said is a very important prelude to every part of experiencing prophecy in religion. So it came to a budgie and it didn't stop there. And Ryan believed him, Jeff, just like you believed it is possible if it's for God. In time, He has adorned you with such a special dream, and He'll help you to make it all come true.

We have to say that your response and your postings are very encouraging. You have patience for writing what you think. You've always had faith and you bring solace even if you don't agree. Famous is your encouragement for others in the future. It shows that you are open to spirituality in a new way and I'm personally glad you're here. You're going to be important, believe it, to what we're doing. You have a purpose that we believe was lacking for a long time. Plus you have passed with a trial. Your response was not insulting to me even as I challenged one of your current stories. Good job! A test that they all learn from you. It was spiritually nice as you commented to Ryan even when there was confusion.

The Karen is real and is a spiritual person and we know that you're to teach her if she has some questions about me. I am not held in slavery if you're asking me to lecture on faith. Everything that Danny's doing comes from heaven. Many will teach throughout history that the reasons was that I made a choice to explain our spiritual agenda. I'll often try and explain I took a choice to let you know about every individual thing that we will encounter during an eternity in spiritual evolution.

You never can finish what God's only beginning for you deserve another chance. I'll express to people if they question how spiritually we're observing you, that there is a plan at work. Ryan will start to rely and track many of those answers for questions are already uploaded to the cloud.

Ryan's last comment reversed: You'll see them early there. All they need is translating. When they'll be matched there will be value. We'll have much in this forum where we will match them out of spirit.




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