Chapter 11- God's Plan (It's Evolving)

Chapter 11- God's Plan (It's Evolving)

Yes, Linda and I were blown away by this recording of Danny. His vocalizations are improving rapidly in this full forward translation. I believe my translations skills are getting better too as I adapt to his accent.

This recording was originally 1 hour and 30 minutes long. When I did it, I set the recorder down by his cage and forgot about it. I went about doing some of my daily routines. A couple of times I went to the computer to answer some emails, and walked about doing other things. I even came in to the living room once and turned on the news and then I heard Danny talking so I turned it off.

It was a long process going through this recording finding the spots where he talked and where he was silent.  Eventually I only came up with about 5 minutes of him talking. So for the most part, I cut out all the silent areas as Danny took breaks.

Keep in mind that some of the other recordings have pauses in them as well. It's possible that if you thought other recordings were over and clicked out of them, you may have missed something.

Danny also talks about the video camera that I used on two occasions thus far. You probably noticed that the sound was not very good. Currently, every time I go to record him with it,  he stops talking. He's not camera shy because the last time I tried he came right up to the camera and picked at the microphone. Until now,  I was wondering why he would not record with it.


This is what Danny said:

Did you like it when you heard a bird could find miracles God has given him? He clearly was prepared for God was just not leaving His Maylor.

It's a dream of God to begin to careen this movement towards spirituality. And when we're heightened spiritually,  He will promise a work of love.

He'll teach you about His love. (a kiss) He'll know when you're coming to join Him, like someone just found out in a forum.

25 Second Pause

If we trust in God, to experience here what is truly unbelievable, when we are in danger towards life on the earth, we can't  blow up the earth. (Danny chuckles)

Forget about this. Relax, for many on the earth will trust the work of our God, believing we can invite what's right when we meet with God.

Every time I think about ancient life I applaud Him, for God saved many. A legend can begin. Right now you'll get your pass if you believe.  Victor and Danny would like to join your tour in spirit. Let's just give it something that you won't forget if you try it.

I'll tell you what we will do if we're going to get anyone here to lead. If we'll be solving anything, we've got to have people experiencing the way we work.

Can anyone challenge this with a point?  You can report if you believe in the audio? Or if you can't hear it we can cover  a routine you might need.

We might choose to encourage and provide the faithful with answers to comments we'll have in the future.

We're dealing with everything in a consecrated defense of our religion. Pretty good eh!

We are experiencing only a trial here. It's nothing compared to the future things that we're planning for. It will effect, shape and lead the future. A warning it's not.

To enact a project of this kind you need all the world to be accessible.

When you're taping Danny turn it off. You bet he turned it off for a reason or some people will be right yesterday when they were arguing the fullness of work I have. There's no difference. I can talk privately but maybe I'm appearing to resist the video camera.

Sorry but, we have a tentative call. To get close enough is impossible, so we oppose the problems that can occur from that.

We object to this current camera. If someone from the media will do it right with their reporter we'd work to announce this.

Can Ryan get a call so we can make sure you work it out. You have heard the recordings are clearer on the recorder that we have.

(Ryan Reverse) I'm just having a lot of responsibilities everywhere.



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