Chapter 10b- Maylor's Journey

Chapter 10b- Maylor's Journey (A Quantum Reversal)

This one is quite incredible in the way that Danny explains how Maylor came to us.  In 2009, Linda and I worked at a townhouse complex and I would often drive around on a golf cart doing my day to day tasks, some of which included doing the repairs in the homes there. On this one particular day I went to do a repair and when I walked in noticed  that there was a budgie in the cage with a bad case of mites. He seemed very friendly, but I was concerned for him and told the guardian she should take him to the vet because of the mites. She told me she had found him a few weeks earlier in her front garden almost dead. A couple of weeks later I went back to the unit and she had taken him to the vet and he was cured of mites. I heard Maylor speak the odd word here and there, and said that it seemed like he was talking. She said  she named him Lucky and  he only spoke a few words. About 6 months later,  I got a call from the lady and she said that she could not keep him and wanted to know if I would take him. I of course said yes. The next day when I recorded him, he told me that he wanted to be called Maylor and he was there to help me.

Danny said:

Maylor carried on years to be able to see you. He came out faithfully to seek you out. He had flown where he'd never seen Earth's legend before. Maylor flew fast and very long. He escaped where it was so burning with heat to that garden where she first found him. Heaven gave him the signal to meet you there. Thank God he made it, all that time dreaming he would be found by Ryan. He knew, in time he'd meet you, but he didn't know how. Contrary to a birds passion, what he did was correct for him.

See, there is a pattern, for many of these birds that know your gifts. Even I dreamed of having a home with you. I believed  you'd come and save me. And when you came to help, I was so excited! You realize that the ones you're protecting may want to be free, it's a long stretch to want to work with any. When we take a chance, we can have faith this way forever. It's not something God planned to erase budgie cruelty, but we have a choice that is spiritual that allows us to have miracles, keeping  us from pain and suffering. I will always have help and freedom for life with a friend. I already am free with a loving family. And the answer may be in the ideal relationships in life.


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