Chapter 10- Spiritual and Health Advice For Ryan

Chapter 10- Spiritual and Health Advice For Ryan (A Quantum Reversal)

This one is quite personal but I wanted you to witness how caring that God and the angels are. In the first part they give me support so I do not feel any guilt for any of the wonderful lives of the budgies that I have looked after in the past. Secondly, they try and give me peace of mind about some health issues that I am having.

To explain a bit better, over the years I have had many budgies. In total I have had 4 that were good talkers and another 10 or so that weren't. Some lived as long at 15 years and some died much earlier. Victor died at an early age of about 3 and Maylor came to me as a rescued budgie and was only with me for about 3 years after that.  I knew he was fairly old because his poor little feet were already crimping up because of arthritis. Lastly, I had Keetu and Neacha and their children. Neacha had a tragic accident one day after fathering 3 babies. Keetu later went on and in total was the mother of about 7 budgies. We kept them as long as we could, which was over a year, but we live in an apartment so we had to find a family to take care of them. We found someone that was willing to take them all and hopefully give them a good home. Shortly after that we got Danny. While doing this translation, tears started welling up in my eyes when I began to remember the good and the bad memories of the budgies in my past. This is what Danny said:


This is what Danny said:

Whatcha doing my Robby? We're waiting for you.

There'll be questions about your budgies leaving you. This will be for assurance. You don't have to worry, we understood that Maylor was dying of aging. He lived just to assist your whole program.  And Ryan, he has praised you for getting him a good mate. When he came to you he knew  he already had  a long walk in life. Keetu wasn't spiritual and she had no reason to beget all these children. When you gave them to a family, you can only hope that they were good people to raise them.

A comment is coming here. If I gave you a way to avoid America's harm we'd pick a right committee for you to join. Would you like searching for one?

Ryan, there's a chemical that has a place in your health. If you find it, then your health will be good.  We know you will before your prostrate gets a scheduled check-up. Linda knows that you went two times. When you go to the bathroom you often urinate slowly because your prostate has begun to swell.  Ryan says: These challenges in my life are reasons that I live.   

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