Chapter 9- Message From Jacob

Chapter 9

This is a remarkably clear recording of Danny less than a week after his last one. His voice inflections are increasing in clarity at an amazing rate. You should be able to pick up most of this one. There are quite a few places where Danny pauses for 20 or 30 seconds because he wants to make sure you get all the points, so please go right to the end of the video because there are some very clear parts that you won't want to miss.



This is what Danny said:

You got answers that you cannot seek out until we reach them. Until then, what we do is different.

Is this Jacob? I wanted a star translation. I want you to be aware of the urgent cause. Danny, your inflection is our legacy. Who knows where we're going until I tell you a bit of it.

Lucky man. Look at you, you can translate and work for God. Surely, you have  a gift from God. And it will go in a point reverse. Respect this is how we belong.  When we're done,  we'll do it again when your budgies com. Prophecy can allow you to raise what you like. For what it's worth, scientists won't admit that we can make change, but we know it.

At this time you'll see what will be available to us. With all this suffering, we've got to look  ahead.

You have a budgie Ryan, that's been able to ride the unknown for months. I'm your boy.

 I think you know, a rebirth is a chosen thing. If we go back, we request it. For us who do, we'll relay forward.

God's angels can.


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