Chapter 8- God's Intervention

Chapter 8- God's Intervention

With all the evil that is happening in the world today, it is good to know that God is here to help and He promises that there will be many miracles in this religion. They have only started and Danny sure is one of them.

This is what Danny said in this recording which was recorded on October 27, 2017 and translated on November 5, 2017

We will lead a religion that will be the right thing for our time. Danny is getting clearer. If you're watching me, we can prove that God is here now. God is explaining that we need to share many of the prophecies in here. The joy of timing and belief will unleash and evolve humanity. Danny thinks that many will come here and begin to have questions when you begin to gain respect. And your father will be with me here for the proof of it and He observes what is being shared. He will be here to approve it.

While you're involved, remember to act right. As you're watching, I will try to reiterate all I know. You can't deny a sitting prophet should be familiar in what will happen to fully ensure their ideal success. Many think what they may be fearing is comparative to a quandary reaction in prophecy. We can tell they're really hesitant also. If you're afraid you may not ask some questions here. (our bird clock chimes and I talk about sending money over to my wife's account to pay some bills; Linda shushes me and Danny says:) It's a bird thing that has chimed.

God has not relinquished His responsibilities when protecting the current humanity. He'll engage in your religion and give us miracles so we will know He is a part of it. We can't make heaven delay, for we know it's important that we learn about it. God is getting an ear again to make use of your soul that may be in danger.

Spiritually, He's reaching so He can fight evil. He won't give up the fight. If you will buy into the way He's doing it, we can be right where the process is going to ensure it's a good future. Can you believe this is not something that may start something that you'd be following? It can't just be here to play and let go in here until we get to explain. It is addressing what you shall know from an astute little boy budgie. Pray with me to use this plea of God and give a clear indication or sign.

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