Chapter 7- A Lesson In Prophecy

Chapter 7- A Lesson In Prophecy

I will be updating you with the fully story on what happened prior to this video on YouTube, but I am a little tired today, so I think I will do it tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can see the video and read the text. I will be also putting it in the forum.

This is what he said in the video:

Recorded on 17/10/26

You are going to regret a reply that doesn’t really make you feel like his story means something. Can we change that? For they know that we got the wrong kitty. If not correct, there’s a need to explain why it happened this way. Ryan, we can’t leave it there, or every person will be all confused. So, here’s a prophecy that may not be perfect. We love to show you how sometimes the right thing, it can appear it isn’t. Searching it with a little more care can help. Out there, you have a competent resource to cause review for many. Humans are watching, guaranteed. They are watching, so don't ignore it. You may know a budgie, but it’s so uncomforting if you won’t know who comes here to accept the whole thing.


Always take a break because you cannot really be assured how much that the facts matter if the point we got is about to change. We know what comes true and when you need help, ask for it. There's so much to learn if you’re unsure of something.


If you have theories, don’t deploy theories off point. Know you have right, injecting freely, beliefs of your own. If you enjoy your work right here, support from God is very close. We think that we'll be back, Friday after school maybe. If you're here, there's an update. We'll have many that will have to see. I hope they can see, Ryan makes everything good.


The prophecies are the way that we want to gain spirit and vision. If you can't seem to post about it, we’re talking about forgetting all that’s happening. Maybe your boss will think that this is not a good project and he could advance belief observing your actual work. I’m not kidding, you know it isn't real fair to ignore it.


We think you work in construction. Recall this, when yesterday, your very food was not tasting very good. You cannot enjoy it when it's infected with all those chemicals that they have there. Now we’re aware that you’re hurting. This will get your attention. You’re the best person to question this. The question is, are we on top of this, or avoiding something that Danny did here when I used the black kitty and referred to her?


We’d have to shape up if this really is a process of  prophecy, for even prophets are abuse and fall down to products of their faith and mess up as well. We know some come to be inviting things that really weren't true. They feared God. We know some are there who claim Jihads will be rich while killing many kids and men. Jacob was a patriarch who objected to seeing their hurt and chose a better way. Now we have a choice to have a better indoctrination for every one who can believe we don’t want such murdering. We are supporting life saving life in God’s war.


When the product used up here will appear to have dirt in it, it’s for sure we’ll get rid of it again. Our point is, we’ll chose a miracle and things can't fail. And that’s why, with our authority, we will get to repeat anything that can affect the temperature in this religion. If it is prophecy, it will be dependent on any danger that we have in the project. We will be presenting a true report to all who have interest as every prophecy goes deeper. Ryan isn’t really sure where it’s first to occur, and providing it finally will happen, you’ll get your lesson from him.


We will be building prophecy here on many weekends. Ryan, he won’t give up to this murdering that speaks in relative times. And your father has been working on every angle. We learned above you, and we’re helping angels. And we shall work for God’s school.


Just so you know what’s happening, you have the right to invite Ryan to an interview. He won’t really be available for long, for his work will take up all of his time. A transfer of recordings can be used for technical knowledge. You can make a list that everybody can use for learning in future work. We’ll cover the whole bible in your future posts. I hope you’re getting this Meow.

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