Chapter 5- Danny Greets Victor

Chapter 5- Danny Greets Victor

Danny is very clear in many parts of this where he discusses with Victor who is in heaven the philosophies of spiritual evolution.



Recorded 17 October, 2017

Translated 21 October, 2017

Uploaded to Youtube 25 Oct, 2017

Chapter 4

Danny The Budgie Greets Victor in The Afterlife

Part 5 -


Part 1

(for) Danny greeted Victor: " It’s very good that you had a mission that was given and we communicate here.

(rev) Why did you have to leave everything here?"  "We knew what we did had reason. Helping their evolution

Part 2

(for) is committing therapy. We’re so use to it that we can retrace the direction

Part 3

(for) we went. Originally, we had to get to accept that fearing the future

(rev) wasn’t good, for most evil knows your fears.

Part 4

(for) Too much fear does blemish a case built for God. A worshipper

(rev) can sow a lot of issues, even though he's trying to

Part 5

(for) believe.
So they fear that  God is the closest way and evolution answers all the questions. You will never get truth when you are counting

(rev) on lies made to undo God’s intervention. When evil extorts pain and confusion there are

Part 6

(for) many who think that spiritual evolution is going too far because it is easier when adopting

(rev) lies as a solution in most universities.

Part 7

(for) Ryan talking.

(rev) They have a final in Oxford University to write all you know on how the earth is round. Philosophy inspires us to show our own visions so we'll achieve them.

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