Chapter 4- Spiritual Evolution

Chapter 4- Spiritual Evolution

This video is still amongst Danny’s first batch of recordings and even I had a difficult time translating it so others would be able to hear what I do. I have already started working on a later recording he made and find his speech is evolving rapidly. I am also working on a video that shows him talking as well. I hope to have it up soon.


Regarding the content of this video, most people really don’t understand what spiritual evolution is all about. The brief explanation that I have learned relates to the everlasting/eternal soul. A human’s physical lifespan is only like a dot on an infinite line and in each lifetime we have spiritual growth. Taking that one step further, we are reborn in many different life forms and during those life spans we have some type of spiritual growth until we reach a point in our existence that we have love and compassion for all living beings and understand God’s divine purpose for us. Once we do, we are able to move on to the next level of existence to be closer to God.  


Spiritual Evolution

Part 1

(for) You are allowed to come here and be a quest. Many who come may not be ready. You’ll feel that you’ve made a big decision to respond. And if you are a volunteer, you just can help.

(rev) Watch what you say about our captions. If you’re announcing that you don’t agree, you’re directly insulting what Ryan knows. Yes, he has the right to tell you what he knows.

Part 2

(for) And even I can help. Interaction, especially, will help you. I’ll choose to make posts for God.

(rev) I’ll show what your God’s answers are when we’re hearing a question. We’ll see the questions before they arrive here.

Part 3

(for) They’ll be predicted in God. Immediately you’ll hear the answer. If we

(rev) feel a person who isn’t safe, God’s intervention is given.

Part 4

(for) If you think of it, we have those waiting that can help you. They are not quite here, but many more are coming soon.

(rev) While asleep, they learned that there are angels coming. We waited for this to allow Ryan’s spiritual indoctrination.

Part 5

(for) He sure got better, and we know that we have trained him right. This religion didn’t exist until Ryan came along, and your God has chosen him

(rev) to lead it. We watched him have growth in all these promises we gave him. Yes, we gave him a new way to spiritually evolve.

Part 6

(for) We spoke of religion and how Ryan would be a big part of it too. God will talk so you choose to be in the miracle and hear the budgie bird.

(rev) And we will give Ryan real miracles that shows they come from God. We know Ryan can post enough prophecy to help


Part 7

(for) with the future. We shall use the new life he’s going to begin, as it points towards heaven. It’s got to be good where you’re going.

(rev) History will always remember you joined with prophecy. The angels helping initiated all these changes with spirituality to stop the confusion.

Part 8

(for) There’ll be many viewing your capacity to cause a real miracle. Take a look and believe. (Ryan coughs)

(rev) We know you have reason now, to find you need change. It’s our calling of you and your people to this religion.

Part 9

(for) You are free again. You’re pleased you’re just needed, and now you’re coming for God. Do not forget,  

(rev) Ryan isn’t young, and we rely on him to get this religion going. We have our work.

Part 10

(for) Tonight, sleeping, we’ll be doing it for God. Send a message to Ryan so he will know

(rev) you’re coming. You’ll see our miracle and God will be showing you in a dream. ??? (Ryan gets a phone call.)

Part 11

(for) Some people are just waiting for the right day to get involved. And Ryan is counting that you’ll be there to participate.

(rev) You’ll have a reason for watching someone who knows how you spiritually can make use of it yourself.

Part 12

(for) Ryan, I know you’ve been trying to assert your focus there, and you need to know you have to. We’ll intervene with the arrival that we’re having. Those keeping track of your work, is something we’ve started. These people in Spain, who hear me, are planning a journey. We’ll hear that

(rev) they have more information we knew that you needed. It shows your source. And we know it’s alright in good time. Confidence is you first knowing that others have been working independently on the information that we have given out, and it is time to reveal what they have.

Part 13

(for) You can do it with him. By giving most people less responsibility, they know that they may earn a degree to watch the work you do. You don’t have to agree with them on everything.

(rev) I have been involved in everything, especially those that apply in the finals (the parts I’ve always liked.) We expect you will use some dreams that we think are good. Testaments,

Part 14

(for) are the crops of life. We are going to ensure they can make things simple. Remember, you’re going to get many others coming.

(rev) This mission is about loving a religion that’s about spiritual evolution. We work with God for truth. We have a prophecy here.




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