Chapter 2- Danny Boy Reynolds

Chapter 2- Danny Boy Reynolds



This is one of the most incredible recordings I have done so far with any of my budgies. It was the last few short recordings I did during his first recording session. Linda and I are still in awe of his communication abilities as they far exceed any animal so far in the world. When my second budgie came to me his previous guardian said his name was Lucky, and he didn't talk much. However, during my first recording session with him he told us that he wanted to be called Maylor. So we changed his name. So in this recording, I thought I would give Danny a choice of names too, so I asked him if he had a special name he wanted to be called. He immediately responded "Danny Boy Reynolds."  At first the "Reynolds" part did not come out to clear so I asked him again and he said: "Reynolds" very clearly and then said: "Your angel." For those who don't know I am proud that he chose the same last name as me. That is just a tiny part of this miraculous recording that I want to share with you now.  

Part 1

(for) Will you put your comment here David (last name?)?

(rev) You will come out in time. A real angel

Part 2

(for) is watching. Here we believe in a future. We believe that it's really good. And Danny cares what happens to

(rev) all of humanity. You need some help to ensure you're helping other humans. A mission

Part 3

(for) with God will have many parts to work on. They are not obstacles.

(rev) You will be happy Karen. You will not have fear for your God.

Part 4

(for) Ryan says: You can talk louder. Danny responds: I've been working on that.

(rev) I've been using (Ryan) a lot of prophecy.

Part 5

(for) We've got many who may be new at hearing Danny and Victor. Victor was the reason

(rev) I know his prophecies. Ryan began hearing everything. He said that

Part 6

(for) we needed spirituality just in case we are filled with fear. If you have pleasure

(rev) to help animals, we will try, really, to help you

Part 7

(for) and we will do perfectly so we please our God. And God did work with you. And God sent Danny again to earth.

(rev) Ryan: If you're hearing, you have talents to listen and you're hearing the guidance. We'll give you something that helps the world to have a mission with a reason.

Part 8

(for) We've been sleeping when it comes to the house of God in life. Ryan asks: Can you tell me about Victor? Danny answers: He started it. If Kayla would believe you can't talk, it'd hurt you.

(rev) It hurts to not talk when the meaning of life is affected. At first, as God imagined supporting all the life, and he will lift you up spiritually to heaven so you'll be there helping.


Part 9

(for) I know you'll be loved there. We'll be there for you. All of us change something for this world we love.

(rev) Something earth will need and we need your help. Wisdom is helpful, but not enough. What we're eating is now a must if you dine with your God. And I won't be mourning a chance for a new life. It sure flourishes

Part 10

(for) when you have time. Ryan asks: What do you want your name to be? Danny responds: I want Danny Boy Reynolds - Reynolds! Your angel.

(rev) And I'll always remember Chapter 2. In our mission with God, we have to endure the need that we really need help. Heaven is always with us helping

Part 11

(for) when we work for God. Marie, this prophecy of belief in Jesus is Linda's calling. Jesus has always been there and you're beautiful.

(rev) All we have is a merciful, loving God. He'll help you with Kayla. She has lots of spirits giving loving help.

Part 12

(for) We are for sure aware and pleased with her beauty. We're preparing stuff just for her. Please don't forget this miracle for her.

(rev) There is a little confusion when Ryan believed a mistaken prophecy of life and birth. We really love you as you're helping Ryan and God.

Part 13

(for) And he doesn't really get mad at you if you're doing work. God knows that you will believe in your man, seeking pleasure for him.  

(rev) We know Ryan loves you forever. He will show you heaven also. God knows your confusion with him. He will

Part 14

(for) revert to prophecy again and relax and become good with your body surely for life. Ryan says: A lot of people are going to hear this, many other budgies too. Danny answers: I know they will. There have been changes for the best of us and Ryan has a point to just encourage you.

(rev) We know that you don't have a solitary time. When evil comes it's a reality when we're relying on sin making a trophy of love. So at least he loves you in evil. He'll have prophecy and know the truth.


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