Eye In The Sky- Alan Parsons (reversed)


Eye In Sky Reversed




Text For Reversal

If you won’t hear Angels speaking, you're not here for God's mission. If you're not here for God's mission, it never seems enough. And all these songs are made to assist you on Earth. The harvest is to gather with the many observing every answer. They are with Him to cover this miracle because we will reveal Heaven's new prophecies. Gather here with God who seeks a heavenly philosophy that our Jesus taught. The words in this will be made to assist you on Earth. How does He speak of fools? For many slur when it's getting clearer, and are always near with their foolish statements. And I say to you now, the reason there is a lot of prayer among us really involves Heaven's miracles. It's a force that Reynolds surely has accessed. There's an event that is near, that could encourage you softly to watch another miracle that streams in the music of history. Now the music of the strings of love that's here become a note that's strong, and they assist you on Earth. Obviously the fools are forgetting, this certainly is real. The song that's here become words to Ethan. And I say to you now, there is a purpose for us. We are within us, beginning a miracle to help the Earth. Your future is beginning to suffer and it has a way of evolving. Everyone must know this God as a friend, whose work allows us to look for something spiritual, believing it all can help. We'll project a song that can be magical as we learn with God. Yes, the seeds will rise with God. So if you all know that person who has thrown out any value in learning how to plan; they'll offer no real choices and can't seek the relationship.



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