Stairway To Heaven Reversal


 Here are the words for the reverse rendition I did of Stairway To Heaven


Oh, let's wish we are wise of reality and pray and have a reason to to hear it all in a real world.
I will open my heart to an alternate mission with Heaven.
Our words have much meaning through it all to caress this whole world if they're sick.
For all our lives depends upon it.
I'm aware of a song I will watch the reverse of.
I am aware that I will now defend it.
Try reverse.
Many will listen here with time and won't question it.
We'll say what we're doing to expand your life through the challenges we know shall happen.
We all want to save this world from many things disturbing life.
We'll look up and we'll know forgiveness.
God will catch my passion.
We're all in a time for a great mission for restoring faith.
If you hear know, and you're excited we will reverse wars that have made us suffer.
Yes, we can. Ohhhh.
You have found the one that moves the rock of a magical religion towards the whole in the Earth.
We must let our fear reside with better of the men whose's love of God's gifts we discover with this event.
I know there can be room. and I know it's a new prophecy for us to see all the majesty this Earth wants of you.
With such a philosophy of Heaven's spiritual religion to match our world.
A lot of the pain that will leave us then.
God knows him too.
And I know it's him too who can hear
The things in life the soul favours now must be his superb lesson for man's destiny.
When we respect what still this man's mission we should encourage him with some vision.
All the work passes the same way
Hear words that we are envisioning
Be his stone if they make his flower wither with tools for all thoughts that we worship selfishly.
I'll find Heaven here with serenity of this net that won't desert faith and love and go sweetly into it.


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