Take Me To Church Reversed by Hozier



This is the words to the song with the hidden messages from Reverse:

Yeah, I believe in Heaven. This religion has many Angel's options that can possibly exist. Some of these are channeling in the spiritual and God will show us to trust in him. We are happy to be giving more proof that there is a Heaven. We prefer your pure devotion when you feel some of this life challenges are special. When it comes to life, your spirit is everywhere and it has Angel's endorsing Ryan.


And we will come with prayer and have a look at a mission that extends God's first vision of humanity. His first vision is trust in the earliest soul. There is many people who still love the Angels who extend all their love in this religion. They'll be dancing beside me with a Godly devotion. We'll express a song we have with the challenges that are spiritual. We've begun to watch this religion that channels the metaphysical as we prepare to get some people, for God is impartial to your spiritual gifts.


God challenges the spiritual to become still wiser. If you can't know here first this is Heaven sent, the Angels still have forgiveness for all of you. There is hope you can all wake up to a heavenly mountain that supports the Angels singing with us. The scene is most peaceful on Earth.


After these memories we can assemble a philosophy that channels this event that allows us to begin to give love. The challenge will be difficult, through the fears of humanity. Your thoughts shall be responsible as you listen when they start channeling an Archangel who has become so wise.


First we'll begin to challenge religion that discourages the rights of Heaven being with us, guiding the march. If we dismiss some of this, God challenges our spiritual reasons to watch this event. When we can gaze and imagine Angels who use humans with a lot of vision, do what we've immortalized, there is goodness that's on the way.


 In all this, surely will be showing legends who prove there's mounds of markers up. Yes, my dear, there's no belief. If you've seen another searching the long legs in our service, you'd find we're sad as if we've seen the rising of every illusion that sure is covered with the residual of your vessel. When we befoul a great position, can we encounter the love?

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