Dream Interpretation Island Cottage Dream

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Dream Interpretation The Island Cottage Dream

Linda Posted:

I had this dream on April 17 and posted it on the 19th of April.

I had a dream that Jean and Fred (the managers where we work) were buying a cottage on the water. We had to get there by boat because it was on an island. It was funny because I knew the person that lived there before, I believe it was my old friend Gary. We went over to this place to help them clean it up. The person that had owned the cottage had moved on and left most of the furniture and stuff that was in there. A lot of it was antique. What was weird was that I knew the place. So we were cleaning this cottage up because it had been left completely the way it was, as if the person had deserted it. Possibly the person died, which Gary did pass away from cancer at a fairly young age and I assume left his cottage and everything the way it was. I remember cleaning the place and I think there was going to be a party or gathering there and we were trying to get it ready but the place was very dusty and hadn't been cleaned in a while. I remembered a lot of the things I was seeing because I had been there when Gary was alive. We were getting rid of a lot of stuff.


Adam wrote: Hi Everyone,
Whew, this was quite a long one, however the things that are taught here are well worth the read. It explains much about how heaven and earth interact and how the whole process works. I thank God and the angels for their eternal love and want to do the same for them and others in the future. There is still much to learn in this area and there are many dreams waiting in the forum that will complete the process of total understanding. It is so amazing how all these dreams just fall into place just at the right time and as God and his angels have prophesied.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon, April 20th, 2008 at 5:51 p.m. EST

1. A miracle is coming with this transcription. And Linda's dream about the managers of hers at work is a perfect lesson for spiritual evolution.

2. The boat that you were riding was the vessel or vehicle of religion and it took you to this island. The cottage was something the angels made to make you feel comfortable.

3. But why did the angels not clean it? Now this was the choice of Linda, so we will not forget that the work is serious, when you are trying to bring someone to heaven. For everyone has a few things to clean up when they get to heavens cottage by the water. 

Cottage on an Island4. This is showing that pleasure is a choice made by us through a product of our upbringing. So this dream is a symbol of the choices that we make in how we retire in heaven with the people we love. In heaven there will always be something to do to help the people we love feel more comfortable.

5. The cottage in this dream belonged to an old friend of Linda's and she brought some of her own people to have a vacation there. She knew that the people that she brought would not be able to do it on their own so she was willing to help them. We have a responsibility to help the people we love in heaven and this relates to our upbringing in heaven. You see, if we did not care about the new people that arrived, then we would not be willing to help them adjust.

6. Everyone who comes to heaven needs some time to adjust with the people they have had relationships with and that is important. The magnitude of the spiritual change is overwhelming to those who are not quite ready. When people arrive there, they want to be with someone who is familiar with the laws of heaven and spirituality. For they will not have the same upbringing that Linda has experienced.

7. That is why our progress is going on simultaneously on earth as it is in heaven. When every soul is eternally making progress, it will eventually get to heaven unless it chooses to remain evil for eternity. Many have chosen to stay evil instead of spiritually evolving. When we make a decision to stay evil, we wipe our hands of anything that constitutes any kind of religion and we prevent any progress in spiritual evolution. If they are being selfish with everything in their life they will not be able to experience love.

8. So when you get to heaven you are free from selfishness and you have a reason to help those that you love. When you help someone in your life, you are showing them that you will be there for them if they have a problem.

9. This is not the same as suffering for them. For if they are suffering, they do not have a right to expect someone else to suffer for them. Those who choose to suffer can replace suffering with love and they need to understand this. Those who hang on to suffering can replace it with a decision to change their life and begin to live for the people that they love. Now this is not sacrificing any part of our life that gives us happiness.

10. This dream that Linda had was something she enjoyed doing while living a spiritual life. The antiques that were in this cottage were a symbol of something that came from spiritual creations of a past relationship that Linda had. And Linda had seen these things before and all the things in this cottage had a special moment that they were made in time. And they were collecting dust there for a long time, so Linda knew that she had to do a little cleaning for the party later.

11. Linda had a choice to invite people there and she knew that they would learn spiritually from the things that were displayed. We know everyone wants to display a process of how the things that we own can be a spiritual experience even though they are material things. We have experiences with everything in life but the spiritual experience they give comes from within.

12. So when you have a lot of material things in your life you want to pass them on to the people that you love. And this is how material things can have a spiritual purpose. So we need things in our life to be able to pass on to people we love even when they come for a visit.

13. So these things that we have displayed are things that we have gathered throughout creation and it is natural to want to share them with the people we love. And there must be a way in the spiritual to continue doing this with the people that we love. 

14. So the collection isn't things that are evil, for they were created to help you grow spiritually. And each of these antiques are part of the relationships you have in life. And they will just collect dust if they are just displayed in a place where no one is there.

15. This cottage was abandoned by a friend that Linda had for he did not make it to heaven upon his death. But Linda knows that he will return. When he spiritually evolves enough it will be in just as good shape as when he left. 

16. How do you make your cottage in heaven? God and His angels have made it a long time ago so each of us has a place to go when we are waiting to be born again and in between lives. This cottage has displays of all the good things we have done. And when we need a rest, we can go there and look back on our spiritual evolution.

17. And the things that Linda was getting rid of, were things that were going to be replaced by something better. And each of these things were something that you needed at certain points in your spiritual evolution to make it to the next step.

18. So now we can begin to understand that spiritual growth depends upon where you are on the spiritual ladder. And we can always have a choice to move up when we go on vacation. 

19. So now let's reverse in reasoning with God. We know that a vacation is somewhere we go when we need a change from the things in life that pressure us and make us tired physically. We also know a vacation is something we also do to experience new things. And it is a mission of most people to take one whenever it is possible.

20. So we have a vacation each time before we are born again. And during this vacation you experience all the good things that you have done in life. However you cannot stay there for eternity until you are ready to have loving relationships that will sustain you.

21. So you have a choice to be reborn, or try to resolve the relationships you have had in your past lives with love. Usually our first reaction is to resolve the relationships of our past lives. We have to make a decision if it is better to be reborn into a new life, or try to resolve the relationships we have had in our past lives.

22. So how can we resolve past relationships? Every angel in heaven has to bring someone with them when they go to heaven. That does not mean that they have to die at the same time. That means that we have to spiritually educate those who you want to join you in heaven. And that is where our spiritual education is reborn through religion. 

23. So in heaven you have a choice to make if your soul does not have enough spiritual evolution. You have a choice to return to a previous life with knowledge of your spiritual evolution, and you can relive your life with this knowledge and change it, or you can choose to be reborn again in a new life where you can make new relationships.

24. Yes this world has angels who have returned from heaven to affect the people they love in previous lives. If we choose to be an angel returning from heaven, we will be free from confusion and we will try to improve all the relationships we have. But there is no guarantee it will happen for often we have no control over how people can love you in your life. If there is a way that we could have made these relationships better, then we can choose to return.

25. So God gives you many opportunities to get the love that you need to sustain yourself in heaven. And this is what we have to try and understand. In heaven we can relive anything from a past life, and make it much better when we have knowledge of how heavenly intervention changes us.

26. So you must bring as many people with you to heaven as possible so you can experience God's creations with them. Each relationship will last for eternity as long as love is the driving force. So this is a choice that we have when we are going to live again. We can make change through our spiritual creation if we seek relationships of love. If we cannot find reason to seek out people we love, we will always regress in spiritual evolution.

27. So this dream is a symbol of replacing our experiences through spiritual evolution. We can never get it right the first time we are born into a life for we are creatures of spiritual creation and we need to learn through an evolutionary process.

28. And we can always be proud of every creation that is resulting from our love. And we should always have a purpose to make things better in our relationships that we have experienced through our creation. And all these things from our past lives can be used as a lesson in spiritual education.

29. There is a prophecy coming with this transcription. A promise that our lives will be much better when we seek out the relationships we have in life with love so you will not need to return to resolve them and this is the last step before you can permanently stay in heaven.

30. So how do we return to a previous life to resolve our loving relationships? So how does our soul return to a place in time of a previous life?

31. We have to intervene with prophecy in religion and this is how we change direction in life. And this is an easy process in the spiritual. We invite people that we have relationships with. We share the things that we have learned in the past. We tell them they can always count on us when they need us. We look after the place that is made for them in heaven and try to bring people there that love them. We replace all the things that they don't need with better things. We show them where they have done good things in their life and we invite other souls to learn about them. We look after things that are important to them and we try to understand the experiences they have had. We have a party for them when they arrive in heaven so they will feel comfortable. 

32. The angels will know the time that they will arrive in heaven even when they only come for a vacation. We will always try to guide them with dreams and visions, and when we have a prophecy that comes from a dream, we know it will help them spiritually.

33. The process is simple. The angels will seek people they have had relationships with and they will help them to grow spiritually. The prophet is the medium that connects the two. God gives us the lessons to reverse evil and confusion and a reversal of evil causes a miracle. And a miracle will show prophecy and often intervention from God. A reversal of evil causes a change in the future and this change will help the survival of humanity. And this is the process of spiritual evolution that God has used throughout creation. And this is also the process that drives spiritual creation for everything depends on love.

34. So this is how our soul remains infinite as it also depends on love. And each soul has a relationship to everything in the universe if it is based on the process of love. And our sources to establish relationships are infinite when we are willing to use the process of love. 

35. And space and time has no meaning when it comes to love for we can choose to experience it any time and anywhere we want when we have spiritual evolution. And every relationship has a chance to evolve if you choose to seek it with love.

36. You will never re-experience any suffering when you are here in heaven and you shall be rewarded for the good you do. You will never run short of love while you live in eternity. And you shall never run out of wonderful things to do for you will have access to the whole universe. You will have a relationship through experiences you share with God.

37. And you will also have a personal relationship with the angels in heaven. All the angels will be rejoicing in heaven when you arrive.

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