Presentation 20 - Precession of the Equinoxes (Danny's)


This is perfect for today, the first day of Autumn 2019. 

#20 Precession of the Equinoxes

Part 1 (forward)

And we will leave this insight here, abiding our time remaining, to get it clearer. If you’re watching me, we can prove God is working. All this planning will become a means of serious prophecies in here. Enjoy our timing escalating quantumly. It’s evolved humanity for many reasons that we welcome here. You’ll need to ask questions when you begin to gain respect.

If you love our philosophies, it’s a good day for you to learn what’s possible. And this bird will at least be sharing further to prove it. So, remember to act right if you’re watching. I will try to reiterate what I know. You can’t deny a sitting prophet should be familiar to what has happened to fully ensure their ideal success in many things.

What they will be endearing is comparative to a quandary reaction. They will be given time if they’re really affected by the synopsis. If you’re afraid to live by the reflection of humanity, it’s avoiding the hist of time. God has not relinquished the primary esoteric projection to the current humanity. Momentarily, you’re approaching the age of miracles and we shall know who is a part of it.

We can’t make heaven delay the wheel that’s starting to come around for a pattern coming on the earth. It’s coming close to us all. Maybe you are in danger. If humanity is weakened then He can let us know earlier. He won’t give up the fight. If you will buy into the way He’s doing it, we can be right on the ball when we’re going to experience evil to ensure it’s temporary. When you believe this is not the end of me projecting a really big following, it all can’t just be ignored and be let go on the earth. If you want to survive you have to question genocidal extinction. What are you afraid of if we can reverse this plague as we are giving clear intervention?

In every infection of spirit, where you see confusion, we will give you some information that will help you spiritually. If you’re ready, we’ll provide the help that can free you. As I shed all this in life, it halts the infection. If your infection eludes you, you’re not up to, so far, what we have sent in this forum.

This isn’t illusion, it’s a miracle that comes with time. For never will illusion illustrate what’s coming. That’s why a special communication is really evolution in this selected time. If you choose to believe our tree is heavenly, you’ll renounce the evil in humanity in all that matters for your spiritual ascension. With help of endowed prophets who are ready to help with a program, you, of course, shall see you’ll gain manageable upgrades in evolution while you are helping humanity. Spiritually many will know confusion really drains the whole spirit. God is giving this prophecy to help you release your fear and reverse evil spiritually. For us, it’s a right to seek spiritual evolution. It’s God’s promise (as a gift) that all like you shall experience the great entirety of heaven as long as you reach it spiritually. Heaven really waits for you. So don’t feel so bad. You’ve earned it if you already can hear us. He will release a sign when He thinks it’s right for you and you’ll have a choice. It’s your life.

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