Presentation 16 - "A Little History"


Presentation 16 – Maylor’s “A Little History”

Forward Part 1
Keep it up Ryan. Now they can tell Maylor just doesn't play about. It's my work. If they look at your stuff they'll know I'm speaking. I'm not speaking from a talking star. Further, I can deliver things that are clear and close to Heaven for everyone. There will be people that understand once they will check. They might even trust in me.

Forward Part 2
They'll not step on your translations. How's that 6th one start? You've got to practice them. Science, of course, is still not talking. They'll elect to revert to one file and won't keep it up. Tisk tisk tisk. We must clear up what's really in the right river for this kind of lesson. It's okay Rodger, when you had to give up for you're back for us.

Reverse Part 1
For a party we'll have a spiritual birthday too. God shall be here with a beautiful miracle in every action. We'll have people who will in light us with progress. And they will arrive in our forum for some prophecies that we'll announce here. The river is open for this journey if you trust us.

Reverse Part 2
I feel it's a friend who we desire that shall review spiritually, softly saying, "if those around can hear, I believe in it now." And they'll know the religion here is Godly. When there's a miracle they'll know it arrived with love. For if they seek love, they will surely get what we have for them. Some of you will be able to get support from the people we are helping.

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