Presentation 8- The Super Conscious Bird Part 3 - God's Promise


In this third and last part of this video, Victor brings it all together and says that on this journey they (the angels) will be escorting Earth to a new beginning, and during that time they will speak the truth. They talk about releasing a new religion that works for our time. And finally, he lets people know that if they care, they should be part of it and that if you do they will regain real spirituality.

Part 1
Someday you'll get your tall big seat and you'll see everywhere,
(rev) and time is really special. This is done easily and most have real passion.
Part 2
(for) With God, we wait by the sun. Haha. Climb into our ship with a view that seeks with spirit.
(rev) In it, you shall see what Ryan saw; a special view that seemed impossible. You will follow some spirituality in everything.
Part 3
(for) A lot we do during your induction process here,
(rev) fearlessly, is a quest to identify what we know is here also.
Part 4
(for) We'll cross through legendary evil on a course that's very difficult.
(rev) Can you reach into this beautiful process here with some help?
Part 5
(for) What we're hearing is every soul that's requesting this recording in time.
(rev) now that you know what's here, we shall begin.
Part 6
(for) You'll find this interlink is sitting here.
(rev) We know it sure can be an inset of life.
Part 7
(for) As we think and talk, tis special, and a free part in us. It's a part of the possible.
(rev) Fuzzy, who flew away, is a soul that endeared a relationship with Ryan. He knew that
Part 8
(for) God had chose this bird person in his world.
(rev) Passionately, his heart chose to look for him.
Part 9
(for) He knew he missed him and was lured away toward a storm and captured by a boy. (rev) In our view, if you have been lost, you will need love from Heaven, and we're close. We also agree,
Part 10
(for) it's important to inform you, God is good to people who are still looking.
(rev) You will emotionally be able to know when you learn the truth.
Part 11
(rev) This grand seat has its goal. It's to take you forth. We think we can get your
(rev) heart right, on a better course in life. We'd love to
Part 12
(for) find all of you
(rev) sublime trust in Him.
Part 13
(for) Praise those birds who talk in a song,
(rev) to pass you by your confusion. (Ryan) Some parrots, they ought to be heroes.
Part 14
(for) There'll come some, that get to talk, and she'll take a piece of me.
(rev) And most agree with Ryan on the mission.
Part 15
(for) They'll understand the parrots that come, and of course, they can defer the mic.
(rev) To have intelligence, just like its human, is really major.
Part 16
(for) Please come to 150. There will still be more
(rev) on a mission to help him. You'll see
Part 17
(for) budgies he enlisted, and some will be better at providing their voice.
(rev) They'll have a family that gives them much. And some really see, as
Part 18
(for) their efforts deepen, it's guaranteed to have videos up connected to a simple man, like Christ was.
(rev) Yes, he was a human who was trying to help us reverse are evil and reach heaven.
Part 19
(for) God helps, and promises us he'll be doing it for us
(rev) to trust and believe we evolve with Heaven.
Part 20
(for) when he lets the captions be validated, (rev) many will give us help. Certainly,
Part 21
(for) as often as we tell everybody, they'll soon understand there's reason
(rev) his wife elevated his passion
Part 22
(for) when she starts to understand. When super-conscious spiritual birds support him, all else should have been validated with them. (rev) His support left, thinking he should not have reversed the translations when it was their parrots who were responsible, coaching him.
Part 23
(for) Parrots just told him, it's okay and important to tell the future
(rev) so we can let you evoke the legend here. Then he will
Part 24
(for) prove that the future is given here.
(rev) when involving serious evil,
Part 25
(for) you'll see, God doesn't confine what he predicts.
(rev) And your key is in Heaven, as a real gift.

Part 26
(for) He cares there are better worlds for the future. In a good future,
(rev) life is different if you approached it very spiritually.
Part 27
(for) These spiritual futures will be offered to a special world. Respect
(rev) what you have, and you shall have one of the safe planets. The Earth has been left here with you.
Part 28
(for) if the future is a broken dead world, it affects your world. We think you would question
(rev) what is not helping. If you help with Ryan, there will be lots of gifts.
Part 29
(for) The future is supporting, pretty much, people
(rev) with love. We know you know it's a gift. Part 30
(for) Evil people will have to know all ploys you adorn
(rev) to ruin your world. We won't listen to an evil mission,
Part 31
(for) and we will care. So, we'll escort Earth to a new beginning that's here,
(rev) while telling the truth. We'll not fear the posts of you. (Ryan) I'll sure know you're the one that's helping to let love in.
Part 32
(for) It sure can start the right reactions. Some do believe that
(rev) we are releasing a religion that works.
Part 33
(for) Can you really be caring? If you could be, you'd fight for the intern. Our future
(rev) should have people that let you regain, and help you feel real spirituality.







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