Presentation 7- The Super Conscious Bird Part 2 - God's Forum


Here are the words Victor says:

Part 1
(for) We'll have many who'll be coming with their questions.
(rev) With the new system,

Part 2
(for) he's got many lessons right here. So, Ryan actually proves the point. Don't you think that's nice to hear?
(rev) We resolve an easy way to function with the visionaries here, telling it all.

Part 3
(for) Granted, timing is also a key cause of a report to have a place. They're not only for
(rev) proving of Ryan's theories hat we are providing in quantum reverse.

Part 4
(for) There's no question, Ryan's got something that others will try and get. What's often
(rev) adversary might purposely question him on the mission.

Part 5
(for) They might keep on trying after a time, as a victim.
(rev) Usually, they have challenges from their religion.

Part 6
(for) At first she thought this talking might be an act. My dear, if I came to only act here,
(rev) we might get you to agree that Ryan has raised an admission.

Part 7
(for) I'm still heard in this precious film.
(rev) That's the truth. So he now has to,

Part 8
(for) in this study show this is much different. If a guest is here looking to hassle
(rev) all the rest who want it, they shall try to affect everything, and we'll mention it.

Part 9
(for) Some will ask to eat what I've grown. Here, earth calls someone who gets to learn.
(rev) I know right now why you're here. How can you defeat the challenges

Part 10
(for) that don't rest here, unless the kitty cat meows each time he talks?
(rev) Some people need moderation before they reach the forum.

Part 11
(for) When people are escorted by evil, we'll point them out.
(rev) How will you know, how we will know who's truthful?

Part 12
(for) When all questions are known, most will feel
(rev) the facts are known enough. Some shall wholely

Part 13
(for) support it and will welcome it.
(rev) Some will have knowledge and help.

Part 14
(for) "I never believed anyway," cannot be something to think about. You've got to believe the reason.
(rev) I see some people who get early warnings and the people viewing just ignore them

Part 15
(for) because we can make a better place and develop it.
(rev) Make an effort and you will know who's spewing insults.

Part 16
(for) Is it okay in here to discuss parrots? It will depend.
(rev) There'll be some discretion, but there's a reason to get on with the

Part 17
(for) important stuff learned.

Part 18
(for)We think you should take what you've learned and protect it
(rev) to intercept evil infiltrating as a stream

Part 19
(for) of lies that open a culture. We cross that
(rev) all the time when a rival decides

Part 20
(for) to question what's actually done without cause. God sees how,
(rev) and accepts how Ryan runs the mission here.

Part 21
(for) And you can trust Victor picked him,
(rev) for his nature is so forgiving.

Part 22
(for) He's been attacked and cursed at with some that are coming.
(rev) Even when with him they're shown prophecy,

Part 23
(for) they casted discontent with every step we've had yet
(rev) in heaven. We've seen them try to insult him.

Part 24
(for) When you just attack someone,
(rev) you're a sad soldier.

Part 25
(for) He has got a cause to worry, given what we want.
(rev) If Ryan was having erosion of life (Ryan) for supporting this,

Part 26
(for) what do you tell him? This whole story is going to get better
(rev) as we endure with reversals of evil. (Ryan) We have a prophecy.

Part 27
(for) Ryan's about to bring a different future.
(rev) Many of you have this option, (Ryan) right here for yourself.

Part 28
(for) It's like the future may exist
(rev) in this channel to us.

Part 29
(for) With the future, it caused Victor to talk.
(rev) I assure you there's something living in every lesson (Ryan) to show what is possible.

Part 30
(for) Of course, I may concede that something might come some day. Ryan is going to reduce the talk
(rev) as all new visionaries are shown how he repeats the miracle.






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