Presentation 6- Sentinels of The Future Part 2

Presentation 6- Sentinels of the Future Part 2


This is where Victor says that the angels are here communicating with us and names them Sentinels of the Future. He says they are here to help protect and guide humanity.
Hear Victor say these incredible things:
Part 17
(for) I think he can’t disappoint God. Life will open up to the precious things. I just know it and you know, he’s seeking prophecy.
(rev) The events are shown during the transition. Yes these events are plentiful to check out with lots of Ryan’s lessons.
Part 18
(for) During the future he’s going to lecture. The curious who thought this does not seem possible
(rev) won’t have reason to investigate it. Before the election year
Part 19
(for) it is hard to tell some, Trump will be guilty when questioned better for his part. It’s their duty to expel him.
(rev) God loves a miracle and knows who will elect to help him. Even Linda resolved much of her sin here.
Part 20
(for) Make the most of it people. Okay. Because some will be back spiritually to grow your vegetables. We called
(rev) Ryan to deliver you an offering of carrots. He’ll have a mission (Ryan) The angels will be absolutely right (Victor) in bringing religion here. (Ryan) Oh yeah-yo!
Part 21
(for) Don’t count on 2 percent who’ll be complaining and won’t become conceded and play with the tone.
(rev) While we wait for the mission Ryan will begin retrieving the lessons. We’ll plant them
Part 22
(for)with things he could learn from the ark. Our paradox will keep him in sync to our song.
(rev) God’s truth is definitely our song. Hear it now while you look at this

Part 23
(for) You will hear our victories. (microwave dings) We all feed from God. Some of the people and their budgies don’t eat enough.
(rev) I know He (God) wants you to know the song that feeds life is hearing his words now.
Part 24
(for) The soul surely returns. So those who believe it pray and hope there’s food for later.
(rev) The love in your soul shall help you look for support against ruining your world.

Part 25
(for) If we’re stupid and leave it to many who can’t protect our future, we experience bad after birth and return at some point to intake the air of their errors.
(rev) Your hearing the earth. (Ryan) It’s crying out we know (Victor) in heaven. You’re the first humans to learn this way. We will develop a plan for you humans with truth.
Part 26
(for) In the forward mode Anthony speaks and then I speak some nonsense. (Victor) We’re sentinels of the future. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. If you’re to wish, you’ll achieve all I now do offer.
(rev) For all who know about these plans here in reverse, really results from a religion of God. (Ryan) Is there philosophy in your religion? (Anthony) It is sure here with Him.
Part 27
(for) Let’s go on a tour when the aliens will meet us, and give some help. They’re pleased that we’re hearing
(rev) during this whole event and come as friends. Simon will be waiting. You won’t lose him.
Part 28
(for) Now we know your future. Then Ryan and Anthony speak.
(rev) (Ryan) The earth isn’t really (Anthony) alone. We’re not just kidding, (Ryan) your kids will hear it. (Anthony) It started magically when Ryan released (passion.)

Part 29
(for) Thank-you. Are you going to catch this kiss from Victor? The future counts on your story and catches everything.
(rev) This emotion you have challenges you to rise as a real prophet who exists in a long line you will see. This prophecy will exist in his efforts.
Part 30
(for) Guess what? Ryan just caught history here by adopting a code that some think is a bunch of nuts. If more people abuse him, don’t worry. The angels must infuse the peace.
(rev) We’ll see some attention soon here. The abuse is from evil to slow this event. He has wisely spent every year to evolve in the process.
Part 31
(for) If something needs attention, it’s the future while we start to see what’s up there and possible. (Betty) In the reverse
(rev) (Betty) you will hear heaven. (Victor) We’ll show them, the thoughts that we provide them are truly what’s in the quality of life.
Part 32
(for) That’s when your morality is important. When it’s immoral, more people like to keep this unknown
(rev) causing evil in our world. Those people (Ryan) who have morality; your good deeds are picked up by God.





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