Presentation 5- Sentinels of The Future Part 1

Presentation 5- Sentinels of the Future Part 1



Victor talks about lessons for a new vision for humanity; spirituality and our future, and our children's future. "Earths not sure of its survival."

Victor communicates quantumly about the possibility of having friendships with aliens races in the future that can help humanity.

Part 1
(for) I’m telling you, our record is that I am talking straight at them so they could tell the reason
(rev) is serious. We’ll give them the antidotes from our prophecy while giving every answer.
Part 2
(rev) And a lot (for) of the future too, can yield the facts in the things that he picks up. I can talk just a tad.
(rev) And this time we’ll give them some prophecy and lessons. They’ve got to believe the history.
Part 3
(for) Do you think I could talk faster with a broken heart? Do they know our Earth isn’t that sure of its survival? (the word survival was kind of faint)
(rev) (Ryan) And this is the time to ensure we have cognition in here, (Victor) for the formula God will show Ryan. And somehow we’ll give it 
Part 4
(for) in the reverse rifts of time. Good ideals are without collusion. In a way, you do know you need to hope and believe in God
(rev) and He’ll be helping for sure. You’ll have use for the symmetry provided by the Angels. If you still can listen, we will be honoured.
Part 5
(for) With a lot of people, honour will be back. Tell them that God, He took a look and knows better.
(rev) So, everyone cannot forget (Ryan) that this is real stuff. (Victor) Are you up to the challenge that’s for you? So if you don’t like it, (par 6-rev) those here will never forget.
Part 6
(for) those here (Betty chirps in)will never forget. I’d like to talk about your future before it’s on the plate of a company and eaten.
(rev) Humanity needs to find a new vision that we put in motion for God. (Ryan) It will get us up (Betty) to Heaven. The reason that some can hear it is because they’re spiritual. Do you hear it?
Part 7
(for) Yes, we’d like to just ignore him here. The futures Earth needs a miracle. It looks like it’s a bird.
(rev) There are many lessons that we need to give Ryan for a new vision. (Anthony) All that he learned really, is actually a set-up for this new mission.
Part 8
(for) Take a look. Can you fake this? You can’t. You’ll get action at the library if you tell it first hand
(rev) that some legend will come from the east for you. He’ll assist if you follow him.
Part 9
(for) Why would you want to tell the readers a tariff will affect some that didn’t register?
(rev) All of a sudden you will seem aggressive. Obviously, the reason we must help them if they’re registering, is we’re there to help who we know.
Part 10
(for) And if they search for help from the right person, they’ll take part and open it up. The trust that will be earned is only tomorrow and simple okay.
(rev) It’s simple because we all need this help to find truth. If you ask for help, God will know you’re having a certain challenge allowing stress in your life.
Part 11
(for) I’ve got some real news events you’re not going to be afraid of
(rev) that carefully will challenge life. And we felt this project
Part 12
(for) in a way was obstructed then by evil. www.budgieresearch dot, Ryan’s old website. The worlds first bird to start connecting at that time.
Part 13
(for) In the bricks of time, some might mock him. They’ll talk of that affair after.
(rev) We are backing the notion of Ryan’s quantum thoughts on dimensions when we dream.
Part 14
(for) Ryan speaks in forward mode
(rev) In reverse Ryan says: Offset emotions are always hard. Relief is now easily available here as wanted, helping.
Part 15
(for) Anthony talks in forward mode. Victor laughs and says: Anthony dreams
(rev) too. Ryan says: I call it passion. Victor says: And you are reversed (Anthony) in our help, hearing this part in reality. We’ve got to use it. I will happily use it and (Victor) have a really good life.
Part 16
(for) Victor laughs and says: I must be drinking some. There’s a beer in front of me. Because my laugh is a bit spooky, I got to turn it to a fart!
(rev) The progress Ryan has seen is a miracle. He’ll know that there’s a reason, because he’s doing it so much better.




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