The Evil of Destruction Lesson

The Evil of Destruction Dream Translation/Transcription/Analysis

Adam's Note:

What is evil?

You will hear often the word "evil" mentioned in the transcripts. For some it may be a little discerning until you know the true meaning for the use of the word. There are many forms of evil and some are much worse then others. However, we have been taught that anything that prevents us from spiritual growth is a form of evil.

Posted by Adam Feb 8, 2008

Hi everyone,
Last night I had this dream that was very unsettling for me. I can only remember bits and pieces but this is what is was:

In the dream I was given an immense power by God. This power allowed me to almost do anything. It seemed like during my walk in certain places I was causing destruction where ever I went. However, I seemed to be doing it in God's name. At one point I knew someone got terribly hurt or even died because of the destruction that I was causing. Shortly after that I had a terrible sense that I had let God down, and God spoke to me saying, "I am taking this power away from you because you have not followed my law of the preservation of life. When God said this, I could no longer do what I was doing. I remember that I wasn't so much worried about the power being taken away from me, as I was worried that I had let God down and hurt someone.

In the next segment of the dream I was given the power back, and was confused why I got it back again.


Transcription by Adam Kadmon on Feb 8, 2008

1. This dream of Adam's is God's active warning for everyone in God's religion. You would not get this power for destruction. It is a powerful gift for each of the visionaries to be part of this religion of prophecy and you will never have the permission of God for evil.

2. This religion will really be big in the future and we have to be careful that all of the visionaries are going in the direction that God wants them to go. God's main commandment is to preserve life and to run away from evil and confusion. Adam he went around causing destruction in this dream he had without any concern for life. And he had no reason to cause all this destruction for he would never be given a mission of this kind by God.

3. So this is a warning for any visionaries who get lost in their confusion. Destruction always comes from evil and it cannot result from anything that is coming from heaven. So what is causing religion confusion all over this world? We will learn from some lessons from God.

4. Prophecy is a big part of all religions and it is not from heaven when it prophecies the destruction of humanity. God would not prophecy the destruction of humanity. And there is a big difference between a prophecy and a warning. And religions that do not know the difference between the two have a lot of confusion and religious evil. 
5. So if you do not know the difference between the two, you will have problems in religion. Now, we know confusion will give you reason that some dreams are prophecies that predict the destruction of humanity. Especially the rapture and the end of the world.
6. So the rapture is full of confusion and more evil if it is not transcribed by someone who is connected to heaven. We will have to reverse this evil with the transcriptions from Adam.
7. First, the rapture is a warning and not a prophecy. Prophecy will never rely on evil and destruction in this world. And we will not have a reason to believe it will happen. Whenever there is destruction, there will be more confusion which will affect our future actions.
8. Now, a prophecy is a lesson from God in heaven that relies on us making changes to better the future not only for us, but others in the world. And God has given you this power in your dreams as a visionary. When we have a vision of a God who can reverse this evil, we know it is important. When your vision is an image of God's perfect love, you have no reason to believe it consists of evil.
9. So what does this mean if religion consists of religious evil? God would not recommend a prophet that was always waiting for the destruction of this world. God sends all of His prophecies to give you direction in life. So He treasures all of humanity and He wants you to have all the spiritual gifts He can give you.
10. So this is the reason that all life is based on the spirituality of God. This is the reason that God gives you a warning when He sees you are heading in the wrong direction. And if you listen to His warning, it can change your future. God steers you away from confusion and evil so it won't hold you back all of your life.
11. So prophecy will help you have a better life if you listen to it. When you live spiritually, you will look for an opportunity to put it in place. And it will reverse your evil that would cause you to go in the wrong direction. 
12. Now what is the big difference between prophecy and a warning that God sends? A warning cannot be prophecy, because one is always the reverse of another. For example, we have a warning in the future that symbolizes destruction and evil that visionaries are causing. And the prophecy reverses this evil by showing you this will not happen in the future here. And this prophecy can only come from a chosen prophet of this religion.
13. So why does God try to change your direction? Because He knows we need direction in a spiritual religion. As you know, many religions of the past have caused evil and destruction and many have never reversed all their evil. And many are still releasing this evil continuously because they are based in confusion. Remember destruction and confusion go hand in hand and they go against the principles of life.
14. Now, God knows that we all experience a lot of confusion in our lives and He knows that we have to spiritually survive through this process. So we need God to help us through spiritual evolution. This is not a reason for complacency of evil but a way of reversing it with God's help for the future.
15. Why does God promise a miracle for reversal of evil? There always is a miracle for a reversal of evil. It comes from spiritually seeking direction and results in a positive action in your future. At the same time you have spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is the same thing as spiritual evolution as long as there is a reversal of evil in your soul.
16. The more you are happier in life, the more you will be able to spiritually grow. Happiness is the most powerful divine emotion and goes hand and hand with loving relationships. You would never have reason to be unhappy with lots of love in your life, unless your were corrupted and confused spiritually, for then you would have confusion about what love really is. 
17. We all have so many lessons to learn spiritually in our lives to complete the process of spiritual evolution. And most of the time we can only learn them from God unless we learn from the mistakes we make in our lives. However, each time you make a mistake in your life, it causes a delay in your spiritual evolution and is often repeated unless we make a change.
18. God knows we experience so many problems in our lives and if He can help us to avoid them, He knows we will evolve faster spiritually. And God, He sees this progress, and He knows when you are getting closer to Him in heaven.
19. This lesson is now over.

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