Are You That Man?

This is a short audio file of a prophecy that Victor made that is still in the process of coming into fruition. So if you are the one he is talking about please contact me at . In it he talks about a man who comes in the future who obviously has some kind of connection that will help us to bring more belief and support to what is happening here. This person would have to realize the difficulties of trying to get support from the scientific community and how even getting general support for this incredible event is something of biblical proportions. That person also should know that there are going to be many obstacles that stand in the way which try to delay our mission. Some of these obstacles may even stand in his way and cause him confusion in whether he wants to support us as well. They are:

1. Some of the captioned translations have several different versions. He has to understand that my connection and experience in understanding Victor has evolved over a period of about 15 years and the later translations are more accurate.

2. This is a world changing event that will affect many religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs in the future. There are going to be a considerable number of organizations that are resistant to what is happening.

3. He would also have to realize that I have had issues in the past with people I have trusted who have turned on me or tried to cause confusion in what I am doing. This has resulted in me saying and doing some things I should not have done. At times it has also caused me to have a lack of trust in those who say they want to become part of it.

4. He must also realize that although the translations of Victor and Maylor are a very important part of this religion, the dream transcriptions that I do go hand in hand. He must understand that even though the translations and transcriptions come from the same sources, they are totally different. The translations of the budgies that I put captions to are meant for others to witness, providing proof that my sources is real. They are not infallible and may need slight translation modifications and corrections in the future, whereas the transcriptions are a direct link in which I do not provide captions for. In the dream transcriptions I only transcribe what I hear in text form and they will remain as an accurate testimony to what has been passed on to me from the spiritual world.

5. He must know that I now believe we need to get trust and understanding in the translations of Victor and Maylor first before we can expect more support for the transcriptions themselves. This process is a natural evolution of this religion and it requires a considerable amount of effort for those who wish to develop a belief in this religion overall.

5. So the fears that Victor talks about are things that have caused me some confusion and changed my direction a few times in the past. Over the years I have learned much and know I can now develop more trusting relationships with those who are truly willing to help in the future.

That Man
That Man

Victor says:

Later there is belief in me.
They took budgies to that man to test budgies and he noticed something.
When he looked very hard at the translations he learned to trust them more.
Of course in the future he will be catching the copies of a better version.
In the future his mission is to critique you and become a friend.
He will not want to talk to another.
He has hope in formation of a beautiful holy party who can hear me talking.
Again while you translate you'll get to know him better and you'll often enlighten the world.
Do not adjust most of the meanings that he summed up and promise that we know you can trust more.
Now we know you must have fears and change will help you.

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