Ryan’s Top Song Reversals with Incredible Hidden Spiritual Messages 

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The songs in this playlist are all songs that Ryan transcribed in reverse. None of the audio in these files are changed in any way with the exception of just reversing them, translating them in reverse and adding captions. These songs provide proof that the Angels are constantly communicating with us in many different ways. It's recommended that you use headphones as you will hear these songs more clearly.

New Reverse Songs Update

1. Alicia Keys- "Lifeline" Reverse Message

In this song reversal the Angels talk about how we all need the light coming from heaven and how God can help us in our time of need Alisia Keys- Lifeline Reverse Message

2. 8 New Reverse Minutes of Deep House Summer Mix 2023 Reverse Messages

In the past 2 years we have had many amazing messages coming from Deep House Mix Vocals and this one is no different. They are usually some of the clearest reverse messages Ryan receives Hear Deep House Summer Mix 2023 Reversed

3. ELO "Mr. Blue Sky" Reverse Message

This reversal of ELO's Mr. Blue sky is very entertaining and the official video release came with an animation. If they only knew that they were channeling the Angels when they done this song and the synchronicities within it. See if you can pick them out. ELO Mr. Blue Sky Backwards Message

4. Teddy Swims "Lose Control" Reverse/Backwards Message

Teddy Swims may not look like a spiritual singer, but his voice is like an Angel. In this song the Angels talk about how much of humanity is in an illusion that God doesn't exist Teddy Swims- Lose Control Reverse/Backwards Message

5. Maroon 5's "Middle Ground" Reverse/Backward Message

Ryan has done a couple of Maroon 5's songs that turned out very well. This is another one. In this one the Angels talk about how seeds of democracy grow with love. Marron 5- Middle Ground (Reverse/Backwards Message)

I am still in the process of adding many more reverse songs that I have already completed, so check back in a couple of days to hear more of the ones below.

6. We Are The World (Michael Jackson and Various Artists) (Reverse Message)

Hear the amazing official reverse version of We Are the World where they talk about how this heavenly reverse music is on a mission to stop wars and prevent pain and suffering in the world. We Are The Worlds Reverse/Backwards Message

7. Dua Lipa's "Houdini" (Reverse/Backwards Message)

this raw version of Dua Lipa doing a solo dance in a gym has some remarkable reverse messages. One of which is "Heaven can react with dreams." Dua Lipa's "Houdini" Reverse/backwards

8. Deep House Christmas Mix 2023 (More Reverse/Backwards Messages)

In this one the angels talk about how you can find out what the symbols in your dreams mean, straight from the Angels. Deep House Mix Christmas (backward messages)

9. Meghan Trainer "I Am Your Mother" (Reverse/Backward Hidden Messages)

In this reverse song the Angels talk about accessing the soul of the biblical Adam. Meghan Trainor "I Am Your Mother" reversed

10. Luther Vandross "This Is Christmas" (Reverse/Backwards Message)

The Angels talk about how we need to strive for peace at Christmas and especially during times of war. Luther Vandross- This Is Christmas- Reversed

11. Boney M's "Mary's Boy Child" (reverse/backwards message)

This reverse songs talks about how these communications from the Angels will interest those people who are search for evidence of the immortal soul Boney M's Boy Child (backwards message)

12. NSYNC "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Reverse/Backwards Message)

This is a very energetic and interesting reverse video of NSYNC when they were younger. It talks about how the Angels can warn you when something evil could happen to you. NSYNC "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Reversed)

13. Ed and Elton's "Merry Christmas" (Reverse Messages)

In this reverse message the Angels talk about how the bible cannot carry you in a world that rejects God. Merry Christmas- Reverse Message

14. Mariah Carey's "Hark the Harold Angels Sing" (Reverse Message)

In this reverse song the Angels talk about how belief in God will help you accept the impossible. Mariah Carey's Hark The Harold Angels Sing- Reversed

15. Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” reverse message  

When Ryan did a reversal of this song, he was amazed to hear the incredible spiritual message in it that focuses on how people question the existence of God and what God says in return. Here is the YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/4hOGSZNiNFE

16. “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin Reversed  

This is one of the first songs Ryan did a reversal on in 2020. Although there are many reversals of it on the internet, none are as clear and contain such amazing spiritual insight as this one. Here is the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/hIGpYxKKFl

17. Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande’s “Stuck with You” Reversal

Another beautiful song in reverse where the Angel’s Choir sings about taking the right pathway that will eventually lead us to Heaven. This has lots of imagery in it that Ryan subbed for the video of the original song downloaded from YouTube. He also answers a list of questions that help to explain this miraculous event. Here is the YouTube link for this reversal: https://youtu.be/dWSxTa7N0yI

18. Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” & the Bee Gees “I Started A Joke” Reversal  

According to Forbes, Dua Lipa’s song Levitating is one of the most popular songs of the year for 2021. In the reverse presentation of it, Ryan discusses how religious evil can prevent spiritual people from trying to develop new ways of communicating with God and how some people think God is vengeful. In the reversal of Levitating, the song has hidden messages which talk about how spiritual curiosity is on the rise, and how messages from God can help the world to become united. In the Bee Gees “I Started A Joke” reversal, they talk about how powerful music can be a catalyst for a new religion, as long as the music contains hidden reverse messages that channel the philosophies of God as witnessed by the Angels. Here is the YouTube Link to that reversal: https://youtu.be/9PPG-951ysI

19. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” reversal talks about how the love of God can open the door to Heaven for all of humanity and how the love of God carries you spiritually in life. It mentions the miracle of the channel that God and the Angels have established, enabling us to hear the Angels communicating with humanity. Finally, it talks about how Ryan was once in confusion and suffering until he found that the Angels are consistently encouraging him in continuing his mission of providing evidence that God and Heaven really exists. Here is the link to the YouTube reverse song. https://youtu.be/MytbiqtB2sk

20. “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers and “Lean on Me” by ArtistsCAN. Ryan did a reversal on both Lean on Me versions and found that they have different but similar messages. In the Bill Withers version, it talks about some of the things that people think or assume when they listen to Ryan’s reverse translations. It even looks at Ryan’s thoughts about it, and how he sometimes can be discouraged. In the 2020 ArtistsCAN version, it gives the Angels thoughts about how 3 different groups of people can think differently about reverse songs. Here is the YouTube reversal that Ryan did on these two songs. https://youtu.be/hYMC2xZWWzw

21. This presentation consists of an audio recording from Maylor the budgie and a song reversal of Camila Cabello’s “Don’t Go Yet”. In Maylor’s part, he talks about how budgies are working with God and the Angels to warn people of major catastrophes. He also talks about how budgies can dream like people and that Sigmund Freud’s philosophies of dreams and their interpretations need to be updated. He additionally talks about this movement and how important it is for Humanities future. In the song reversal of “Don’t Go Yet,” the Angels talk about how animals can be spiritual and they also mention how we should love and protect animals. Furthermore, they speak of the Covid-19 virus and how animals can help humans by comforting them and being a companion when they are alone or in isolation due to Covid. Here is the YouTube reversal that Ryan did on this song. https://youtu.be/n6QPp6Sdy68

22. Amazing Grace (1972) by Aretha Franklin reverse message is about how the spirit can connect to the Angels through these songs. There is also a part involving Ryan’s own family where some members were not trusting the Covid-19 vaccinations even when the Angels were endorsing them before they came out. The song basically confirms again that the vaccines are safe and they are humanities best way to fight Covid-19 at this time as the Angels helped in the development of them through spiritual people. Here is the link to that song reversal. https://youtu.be/Nn9iF2IrvG0

23. Coldplay’s “Higher Power” reversal and Danny the budgie talks about spiritual evolution. In this recording of Danny, he comments and has compassion for a spider that Ryan killed that was in his cage. He mentions that even though this spider at this time had no regard for other life forms, that in it’s future spiritual evolution, it may evolve to a point that it will have compassion.

In the song HigherPower by Coldplay, the reversal talks about the people that will eventually arrive to witness this miracle. They reveal how they asked a lot of Ryan over the years to channel these messages and how they tried to create spiritual curiosity in a mission they are invested in. Here is the link to that YouTube video. https://youtu.be/_Jej-YI5GaY

24. This one has another recording from Danny the budgie and a song reversal of Cynthia Erivo’s “Freeway of Love” The recording from Danny has a lot of interesting content, Ryan mentions how back in 2018 Danny predicted the Covid-19 virus by saying something to the effect that “You could all be in danger.” He also talks about how the vaccine is a gift from God to help humanity in it’s time of need. This recording of Danny speaks much about the reason why the Angels have began communicating this way at this point in time, so they can help humanity through the crisis.

The reversal of Freeway of Love, is one of several songs Ryan transcribed from the July 4th, 2021, A Capital Fourth live performances. The song talks about spirituality and how there is a need for humanity to progress in it. In this one, they also talk about the virus and how the vaccine was sent as a gift from God. Here is the link to that YouTube reversal. https://youtu.be/yqB6J6jritA

25.  Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” reversal is about God’s intervention and how even spiritual animals like little birds rely on God for survival. The Angels talk about miracles and how Heaven wants these communications to be known as a miracle. They said that they do not want God’s miracles to be easily forgot when He demonstrates His intervention. They also talk about how spiritual evolution is also a miracle from God. Ryan recommends that if you are not hearing some of the words in this song, or any of them as far as that goes, you should wear headphones and slow parts down when you miss the words as you will often be able to pick them up. Here is the link to that YouTube video: https://youtu.be/2gzlJW_XO1M

26.  Rene Flemings “National Anthem” reversed. This presentation consists of 3 parts. Stay until the end because the best part comes then. This is another live song that Ryan transcribed from the July 4, 2021 special from the U.S. capital. In it the Angels talk about how hearing them in reverse can cancel evil and how hard they are working spiritually to achieve their goals. They also confirm how Ryan is scouting out a path to Heaven. In Danny’s recording, he talks about how we can receive gifts from the spiritual world and confirms that the quantum is bringing God’s religion to humanity. He says that even music that comes from Heaven will contain prophecy and mentions how the deities you hear in these videos have a mission to wake up the world. There is much more to Danny’s video as we only touched briefly on it. The final song that Ryan added to the presentation is Joe Tex’ “Hold On.” This is an extremely clear and easily understood reverse song. Ryan has done several songs from Joe Tex which you will be hearing later as he gives more videos with descriptions like this. This song in particular talks about how the Angels can save the world with more love and God’s intervention. Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/sSax4KPKWfM

27.  Adele’s “Hello” reversal talks about a birth of a new religion that will put humanity on the right path of spiritual evolution from God. In it, the Angels talk about how they promise that these streams come from Heaven and they will provide your soul with good health for eternity if you really believe. They request that people watching allow Ryan to display the words they sing and talk about how the spiritual world has no limits when you have knowledge from God. Finally, they speak of how music will lead this mission from God. Here is the link to the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/R5pDL5uAtJU

28.  Bebe Rexha’s “Break My Heart Myself” is one where the Angels ask and answer a few questions. One of which is, “What can Ryan do for those who are listening?” They talk about how the songs can change paths of evil to good and help those that have fears questioning the state of the world today. In Danny’s recording, he discusses how and why this miraculous event is happening as well. In this one Danny predicts a large crash from outside the window, that startles Ryan, several seconds before it happens. Here is the link to that video: https://youtu.be/vjrLHcPP7LI

29.  Surfaces “Wave of You” reversal and another video of Danny the Budgie. The Wave of You song reversal talks about how the songs come from Angels in a wonderful garden of truth. They also speak of news in the flourishing life of animals, some who have an ongoing mission for God, In Danny’s recording he talks about how God gives us unlimited tries to get to Heaven. He also speaks of how the soul and spirit are affected by love eternally. This is the link to that reversal: https://youtu.be/CUkD03s1azI

30.  Ali Gatie’s “Can’t Let You Go” and Stealers Wheel “Stuck In The Middle With You.” Can’t Let You Go talks about how those hearing this can use this spiritual line of life as they chose to be here. It also talks about how God and the Angels choose love’s pleasure over hate and evil and how they can correct human errors in spiritual evolution. Stuck in the Middle With You talks about how the Angels are seeking witnesses for this miraculous event and even mention several names, calling on them to join us. They also talk about how this source can provide some with a ticket to Heaven. Here is the reversal for those two songs: https://youtu.be/YZnEEEvdiYE

31.  Maroon 5’s “Beautiful Mistakes” talks about harmonizing with Heaven and candy for the soul. They say that it is foolish not to trust this channel to Heaven as it can provide you with candy for the soul that will improve your health. Here is the link to this video: https://youtu.be/kpVdRk9zwpU

32.  The reversal of Conan Gray’s “Heather” is probably one of the most significant and clearest song reversals that Ryan has done so far. In this song reversal you will clearly hear these beings say that there are other worlds with life similar to humans in our universe. Some of which are spiritual and compassionate and some who are destructive and evil. They talk about how Mars once had a thriving civilization, but when the planets inhabitants made a lot of bad decisions and evil began to take over, causing the antihalation of the entire planet. These angelic beings, said they tried to warn mars, but the people there would not listen. They are also telling us that humanity is heading in the same direction, but we can avoid it. This is one of the reasons they have chosen this time to make contact with us. They are trying to help us, before it is too late. Here is the link for this one https://youtu.be/n5zwqqbPx8A

32.  Justin Timberlake’s “Filthy” and The Supremes’ “Stop on The Name of Love”. The reversal of Filthy speaks of past prophets that worked with God and the Angels and how some of them forgot their mission. It also talks about how often good things are overlooked when we only seek out the evil in things. In the reversal of “Stop in The Name of Love” it talks about how president Biden has helped design the bill that will help Americans during these trying times. Here is the link for these two song reversals: https://youtu.be/l3JieYyFHvE

33.  Zoe Wees “Girls Like Us” and Tyler Hubbard & Tim McGraw’s “Undivided” In the reversal of Girls Like Us the Angels admonish Ryan for drinking alcohol to help him sleep at night and Ryan makes a commitment to stop doing it. In the reversal of “Undivided” there is a prophecy that mentions hyperbole which is a word that is not used very often. Shortly after Ryan posts this reversal President Biden mentions hyperbole in a speech to the nation. Here is the link for this one: https://youtu.be/LFG_C2MgVbg

34. Faouzia's "You Don't Even Know Me" Reversed. This reverse song talks about how love can evolve through reverse music in a time when our future will rely on streaming and help from God and the Angel's in miraculous ways. You Don't Even Know Me- Reverse Message

35. Juice Newton "Angel of The Morning" Reversed. In this reverse song the Angels talk about the infinite divine philosophies of God. https://theangelscrolls.freeforums.net/thread/599/juice-newton-angel-morning

36. Billie Eilish's "What Was I Made For" Reversed. In this reverse song the angels talk about how visionaries should be careful about being offended easily or purposely offending others who do not have our same beliefs. https://theangelscrolls.freeforums.net/thread/598/billie-eilishs

Katy Perry's "When I'm Gone'
Khalid- Skyline
Anti-Hero (Taylor Swift)
Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
Michael Jackson's "Heal The World"
The Angels Warning About the Rise of Fascism
Deep House Mix- Oct & Nov 2023
Nsync's "Bye, Bye, Bye"
2 New Song Reversals from Deephouse 2023
Halle's "Angel"
Imagine Dragon's "Birds"
Maroon 5- Girls Like You
Clean Bandit's "Symphony" -Notes of God
Phil Collins-You'll Be In My Heart
Amy Winehouse- Rehab
How Not To- Dan + Shay
Dua Lipa's "Hallucinate" (Full Version)
Charlie Puth- That's Not How This Works
Chosen by Generdyn (feat. Svrcina)
Mariah Carey- We belong together
Time McGraw & Tyler Hubbard- Undivided
Bille Eilish's TV- A prophecy of Putan's Downfall
Ali Gatie's "Can't Let You Go"

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