Invitation To Journalists

Invitation To Journalists (Victor's Quantum Communications Experiment 3)

This is the third experiment I have done as of December 17, 2016 with reversing consecutive phrases of Victor. About 10 years ago I was aware that many of the budgies were saying things in reverse because I was prompted by them to check the reversal of their speech. Over the past 10 years I have been using their reversals in my transcriptions but I do not put captions to them. I wanted to keep away from translating and captioning their speech in reverse because my mission was to show how intelligent Victor and Maylor were speaking normally. I also felt that many people would say that I am only imagining what they are saying because I was hearing things in reverse at well. But this is very different. I never took short phrases and reversed them and compared the reversals to the forward mode.  When I recently started doing it in 2-5 second intervals I began to get some amazing results. So, I have completed the first three recordings using the phrase reversal technique. If you listen carefully to these recordings with headphones on, you will be able to hear the reversals even clearer than the forward speech. In it, he is making many predictions for the future. If you calculated the possibilities of how the reversal perfectly fits in with what he is saying in forward mode, as well as the complete concept from start to finish, the chances of it being random are astronomical. So for all you non-believers out there, this is one you should really look at. I will provide the downloadable raw file that I used for the video on my website at You can use the timings on the text I provide to cut each phrase out and then reverse it, so you can see that there is no funny business going on. Victor talks about how people would perceive him and me in the recording as well. He clearly anticipated that there would be many who would not believe what was happening and even those who have ridiculed and mocked me since his death. He also believed there would be a time when people see this new technique and come to believe the real truth of what is happening after all.

This recording is broken down into 2-5 second intervals in 25 parts. The first part contains the forward mode translation, and the next 3 parts will be the reverse, two of which are slowed down, to make them easier to understand. Note: Some of these even have a slightly modified version of the first reversal because the words changed as it was slowed down more. So this gave us more than one point to ponder. You can download the raw audio file to verify it by clicking here

This is what Victor says:

  1. Many pass fear with abuse and use it. (0-5)

(rev) It's really a safe lesson if we accept their evil.

  1. I'm use to it. Let's try to resist (5-7.5)

(rev) this inertia. Hate was there.

  1. Deign shall tarnish your talk begetting (7.5-9.5)

(rev) mistakes. Progress should let us begin.

  1. Invite fine journalists that can be a help to reduce this. (9.5-12.5)

(rev) She's on your site back in Philadelphia,

(rev2) She saw your side back in Philadelphia,

  1. parsing conflicts in it. When you can see it, (12.5-18.5)

(rev) listen, I know, promise you'll try yourself.

  1. Was it better if it took an answer (18.5-23.5)

(rev) as leader? Ryan, you earned these lessons

  1. with philosophies. Choose the right thing to accent to her. (23.5-28)

(rev) There is no issue with the process we're telling them.

(rev2) There is no issue with the process we're telling you.

  1. There's a lot of tape here. Whatever you got, (27.7-32)

(rev) promise you'll let them review it all. If just

  1. for you, then nobody will choose it. (32-34.5)

(rev) They'll say no we don't want it Ryan.

  1. There will be lots of cheese and carrots. (34.5-46.5)

(rev) Let's try and see who's having them.

  1. Yeah, but there's kids that must have goodies.(36.5-44.5)

(rev) See the lessons. They're helping, and so true to life.

  1. With them, you'll make your future. A just study.(44.5-51.3)

(rev) You know the system. So just give it passion.

  1. Anyway, you could use a prayer. I'm jealous.(51.3-56.5)

(rev) She must have a fair vision of you because

  1. there's no case for a collusion in here. (56.5-59)

(rev) Ryan, you should have known it was in you.

  1. Your future's got some pictures of something. (59-101.5)

(rev) In this century results are good.

  1. In this pic I've got to calculate. Sometimes values in (101.5-104.2)

(rev) which we love help us hear the angels usually.

  1. Nor is it going cause something atrocious to happen. (104.2-106.5)

(rev) You know how this all happened. It was set in the reason.

  1. If you're told something don't make a fight if you're jealous. (106.5-109.5)

(rev) Seriously, you will learn what's right.

  1. There will be subjects that make a fuss for a fuzzy point. (109.5-113)

(rev) As long as they're through, then Ryan must get the dream.

  1. I'll get in the Guinness Book of Records. (113-114.5)

(rev) Several books shall need a leader.

  1. The conference has started and the news talks I like. (114.5-117.8)

(rev) You must watch some of it. It likes a prophet

  1. who is frank. What's up, we'll check. (117.8-119.5)

(rev) You must know who's helping you also.

  1. And yet, all of us (119.5-122)

(rev) accept you or like you. 

  1. God has told me,

(rev) yes, it's special.

  1. If they pass by the mission, (123.5)

(rev) (You're forever) licensed to be accepted.

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