Since the beginning of time God created us as spiritual beings with the ability to receive direct communication from Him through our dreams and visions.

The Angels Promise All Members Will Receive The Following Benefits After They Join:

• How to unlock your potential for direct communications with the angels.

• Learn how dreams and visions give us direction in life so we can grow spiritually and experience all the good things in life that God wants us to have.

Begin to open your mind to modern day prophecy, miracles and lessons that come straight from the Angels of Light!

Receive confirmations from the Angels that  provide unequivocal proof that they come from the spiritual world and that a higher power does exist.

Become a Visionary in a religion that supports the Bloodline of The Prophets. Learn how this religion comes straight from God and is the religion that Christ practiced before Christianity.

Gain secret knowledge for  the reason of life, God’s Purpose, eternity and the afterlife.

Learn how you can use this knowledge to be successful, happy and healthy.

Uncover the difference between religion and spirituality and how both of them work together to provide us with spiritual evolution.

See the shocking videos of a parrot that began speaking in full blown English and passing on messages from the spiritual world.

Experience the miracle and connection between dreams and visions, and communication from the Angels.

Witness the compelling evidence that proves some animals are connected to the spiritual world and can provide us with step by step instructions on how we can obtain the same connection.

Find the solution for reversing the evil and confusion in life that prevents us from spiritual growth.


Follow and directly interact with the teachings of the Living Adam Kadmon who is a descendent of the bloodline of the prophets. 

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