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As you can see we are now ready to start a new phase in this spiritual religion. For the last couple of years it does not seem we have been very active but much was going on behind the scenes. Part of that was gathering, correcting spelling mistakes in the transcripts and searching down some of the prophecies that came later from the massive amount of transcriptions and information. Both Linda and I work as well and have started a business that we can work from home. That also has been time consuming and I took on a 2nd part time job to help make ends meet. It has come to a point where we realize that we really need to do this full time. We believe now is a good time for initiating membership fees which will help support us so we can move forward full time with the religion. So the preparation process is close to a finish and all we need is a new group of members and visionaries to start the dreams and miracles happening again.

How to Use This Website

As a non member you can view the existing transcripts, prophecies and confirmations that we have had in previous forums for free. We would appreciate a donation if possible to help support us, but it is not necessary. You can also vote on how well you like the transcripts.

Finding Dreams

If you have a dream you can pick out some of the main symbols in it and search for them one at a time and you will be able to come up with the transcripts that relate to your dream. Keep in mind that dreams are not translated psychologically, but spiritually. In other words most of the symbols you have in the dream do not typically represent the same thoughts that others have about dreams. They are different because the symbols we received as a group related to this religion are given to us by the spiritual world and transcribed according to the true meaning that God and the angels want us to obtain from them. For example, when we dream about a house, it represents the “House of Religion” and when we dream about a vehicle, it represents the “Vehicle of Religion”.

As A Member

As a member you will be able to submit your dream and I will transcribe them. Once the dream is transcribed it will usually contain a lesson from God and the angels, what the symbols represent, and often a prophecy that can be confirmed shortly after the transcription is done. We have found that active members dreams become interconnected and wonderful sequences happen where people are dreaming about similar things at the same time. A sequence of dreams of several members may happen simultaneously and once transcribed end up causing an amazing confirmation and miracle.

Once you have read some of the transcriptions, you will be taught that God and the Angels will send you a prophetic dream if you ask for His help. Normally if we have confusion in our life and we need help or need direction, we will ask for God’s help. If you do there is a promise He will send you a dream within a few days. Once you receive it you can post it on this website.

Registering and Logging In

The place to post the dream will appear on the left hand side of the page at the bottom called “New Member Dreams” or under the “Become A Member” tab after you register and Log in. The log-in for members is located at the very top of the page on the right hand side.  

Documenting and Posting Your Dream

When you have the dream it may even wake you up and you will know it is important. Or when you wake up in the morning it will immediately come to mind. We find that as soon as you know you have the dream you should jot down a few important points from it so you will remember it so you can post it. Most dreams that you post should not be any larger than one or two paragraphs, which are about the same size as the paragraphs on this page.

Signing Up As A Member

Once you become a member you will be sent a password and user name. You can cancel your membership at any time or email me directly at if you have any questions.

Thank-you for joining and we look forward to experiencing many wonderful miracles and prophecies with you.


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